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Chakras are funnel shaped and their construction is blossom like, they look like the Lotus flowers.
As I have been telling you all in my past postings and you must also have understood a small fact that Reiki and any other healing or reading is just my passion. Since a long time, we have been asked to write some more information on Reiki symbols, and we have started it yesterday. I am just a firm, positive believer of Karmas and this is one of the reason for joining in such a pure and noble profession of Reiki by me.
However, it is due to the kind support and effort of our great visual graphic designer and fellow Reiki Master Navneet Mathur who helped us with his creativity. I am still thinking of the day, when one of my Canada based friend was talking to me about Reiki healing that she paid some amount for a distance healing, and was healed in very little time. Ida and Pigale are two channels running on either side of the central channel and kind of spin around it. Cho Ku Rei Cho Ku ReiWriting articles on these Reiki symbols was easy, but still we needed his help for getting this colored image of Cho Ku Rei, so as to share with you. From that day, I was curious to know more and more about Reiki or any other similar way to heal and do something to help mankind.After learning Reiki from such great teachers as Dr. In addition, over the head area there are at least five additional, trans-personal chakras. The channels take their beginning at the first chakra, at the base of the spine and their end is located at the Crown chakra, on the top of the head. The energy of the Earth runs from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra and from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra the Cosmic Energy passes.

Seven Chakras are energy centers, gateways, antennas that receive and process all the energy entering the human energy field and they focus the stream of the Life Force energy. We only have to keep one thing in mind that Reiki is a positive energy, and whatever symbol is drawn or however we draw, it will only help us. They symbolize the connection of the physical body with the bodies subtle and overlap with the hormonal system and endocrine glands.
How to use: After invoking of Reiki energy, and taking a shower in Reiki energy, we should draw this Cho Ku Rei, Reiki power symbol on our both palms, with the help of our fingers of a crystal pencil. We now have to draw on our all the Chakras, one by one and purify them rotating our hands or crystal in anti clock direction. We are also thankful to our fellow Reiki energies, who have been helping and guiding us in different and much more newer concepts, ways to help.Our special regards to Mr Manish Dixit, Navneet Mathur, Jitender Kumar, Anil Langar, Sudhir Rampal as without them, reaching here would be very difficult. While drawing and purifying, we should try to visualize the Reiki symbol in white color and that we are taking off all negativity from that particular Chakra and surrounding area.For energizing we need to rotate clock wise, however.
The difference in between these four CHo Ku Rei: These four Cho Ku Rei are all same and possess same energy.
This Reiki symbol is a modified version of Swastika, and is made in a positive, clockwise flow of energy. This Reiki symbol is also used as Lord Ganesha in Southern parts of India and is a very much sacred and spiritual. As we all know that our blood travels from our heart to all of our body, so if we draw the Reiki symbol at heart, it will help a continuous flow of Reiki energy in the receiver’s body.
Here, in this article, I would also like to explain that Lord Ganesha is a God, which is altogether different and most lovable in all.

This will help our receiver to be free from any kind of blockage for longer time and keep them fit, healthy and happy. We are sure that you all are now able to understand almost all f what we know and talk about Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei. So, since some religions avoid worshiping of Gods and Goddesses can also like him as a friendly God. We are thankful to you all and our fellow energies, Reiki energy and our Reiki teachers for helping us in sharing this vulnerable article. Elephant as we all know has a good, friendly nature and also possess a great memory, so adding it with a human makes a human God with better, friendly energy. Anyway, I will try to stay from any religious or spiritual debate, so should continue to talk about Reiki symbol here.
This symbol has to be visualized in red color, and the reason for uploading this image here is for making your better visualizations. This symbol also helps in attaining a continuous growth and prosperity in financial and personal life.
This Reiki symbol can only be used by Reiki Masters, who are attuned with Reiki Master Symbol Dai koo vasudha Reiki symbol Dai Koo Myo, and only they can give this Reiki energy to other energies.
This is just because of the reason that this Reiki symbol needs some additional amount of energy and support, and the supreme Reiki energy helps that way.We are sure that you are able to understand the reason and usage of Vasudha Reiki symbol and can use it in your Reiki healings from now onwards.

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