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February 8, 2012 by Becki Baumgartner 4 Comments As our energy exchange for the gift of Reiki Attunement, we have been guided to provide free distance healings for those in need. The method of Reiki that we have been attuned to is Usui Shiki Ryoho, The Usui System of Natural Healing. If you are someone that we have not met before, we can connect with you more easily if you send your name and photograph as a point of focus. There is nothing special you need to do to prepare for the healing.  We will send you an email after the healing has been completed, telling you the date and time of the healing so you could make not of any sensations or feelings you noted during that time, or any changes you noticed afterward. (We would love any feedback that you are willing to share, as well! Please note that that we both have full time jobs in addition to offering Reiki services, so it may be a day or so after the request before we can provide the free healing.  We will definitely let you know the date and time it was done, and can communicate beforehand if that helps your situation.
Becki Baumgartner is a certified member of the Academy of Integrated Health & Medicine.

105 Hertz is an interesting frequency which can give one a better overall view of just about any situation.
Having a better overall view of a situation will mean different things to different people so this could be an interesting frequency to experiment with! If you are unsure of what healing session to work with contact us with the issue(s) you want to work on for some suggestions or check into one of our energy scan sessions.Want a Customized Healing Session geared towards your needs? Usui Shiki Ryoho is the original Japanese branch of Reiki that focuses on the spiritual teachings of Usui and offers training in a non Western format. We would also add that if the person refuses the energy, it will instead go toward healing the the Earth or to somebody else who needs or wants a healing.  This is win-win for everyone!
No healing sessions or energy scans are performed over the phone, internet, chat, or video conference as these electronic devices can interfere with the healing process.

During your healing session or energy scan you are asked to be in a relaxed and receptive state until the session is completed. You will receive your email report within 24 hours after your healing session explaining the process that was completed for your healing session and any additional information that came through.

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