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I am an energy worker that regards myself as simply the channel by which the Divine flows through to the person coming for a session. I feel that when I raise my energy (connecting to the energies I connect to), I am in a beautiful blissful state and ego-less. The quicker you realize these lessons, wake up to them, work on them and release them, the quicker you can move on to wonderful new horizons. For many, we first receive attunements or knowledge-base in new Healing Ways to help heal ourselves. Now some have asked what's the sense of using Intentions and Vision Boards for manifesting your desires when there are Ways like Ho'oponopono. Sending good intentions and good thoughts when someone is in need of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual help can be more important than you might realize.
It is easy to get caught up in those limitations and begin to believe that the limited world of matter is all that is real. However, to believe that reality is limited only by perception would be to deny a deeper and more profound reality.
You can live in the world of matter, enjoying and appreciating all of the many delights that it has to offer. This is of particular significance when you are engaging in healing across the miles or when physically separated from someone you love. My Grandmother used to say, “Distance is to love like wind to a flame, it puts out the small but enkindles the large.” If you have ever been parted from a loved one you realize that love is not impacted by physical distance.
When you engage in healing at a distance, you are working in the realm of etheric energy and through the bonds of love and the connection between your Souls. Remember that in all energetic healing, it is the Soul of the one who needs healing to whom you send energy. When connecting Soul-to-Soul you also have the added benefit of protecting yourself from taking on the physical, emotional or mental dis-ease of the person you are trying to help.
Because this work is energetic and spiritual it is free from the limitations of the world of matter.
Again, I stress that the energy you send for healing is sent from your Soul to their Soul enfolded in love. Although energetic healing is not subject to any of the limitations of the material world, I have always found it helpful to know where someone lives or where they are physically in the world when I tune in to provide energetic healing. As you calm your mind, put the week behind you, surrender your personal will and release your desires for a specific outcome.
Then imagine or visualize your Soul (with unlimited access to your higher source) as a golden white light 3-6 feet above your head. Then imagine the Soul light of the one you are intending to heal as a point of golden white light 3-6 feet above their head. Along this energetic pathway, visualize the energy of Light, of Love and of Power gently flowing across the space that separates you physically, knowing that you are unified energetically through etheric substance. If there are others joined with you in the desire to heal and help this person, build a network of etheric substance to empower the healing by imagining each of them as Souls, with their golden white light radiating above their heads and link (in groups of three), your Souls to the Soul of the person that needs healing. When you are also bound by love, such as with a close group, family or friends, you can also add triangle lines of energy from heart-to-heart, building an etheric network of love. As a group, this healing network is even more powerful and has far-reaching implications, as you are able to participate in the multiplied healing efforts unlimited by either space or time. By working in this way, through your Soul to their Soul, you will be able to join your energy with theirs for whatever healing result is right for them. Experience this meditation, the healing energy empowered by Love and become a powerful force for healing in the world.
However, Sleep in Heavenly Peace by Genevieve Gerard stands out from other tapes I've listened to.

Those, like me, that not only hold the space for the energy transference to take place, but also feel this energy flows through them to the person. What I feel occurs is, we as the Reiki practitioner align with the Universal Life Force energy and act as a conduit for this energy to pass through to the person(s) we are healing.
What you perceive with your physical sensations of hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell are known to be real. By knowing the ways that energy works, you can open yourself to a reality that expands your consciousness. And, you can live in the world of energy and spirit and express the amazing freedom and power that it provides. If you have ever been away from someone you love, you know that the nature of love is unlimited by both space and time. This is especially true when you are sending healing Light, Love or Power to a loved one, but the same principle is true when you are focusing on healing for someone you may not know personally. This also speaks to the reality the Soul is ultimately in control in all crisis’s that require healing. It is known in Quantum Physics that the intention of an experimenter influences the outcome of the experiment. It is this merger of intention and invocation with the Soul connection that makes distance healing miraculously effective.
Always in healing, it is important to focus on right action for that person because the Soul has the wisdom and understanding about their life and their lessons that you probably do not have. That may only have value as a mental tool to enable me to focus, but I have found it helpful over the years. Clearly state that your intention is for the Highest Good of the one to whom you are sending healing light and energy.
From your heart to their heart, realize that love is a powerful and tangible energetic force. The meditation can be expanded to include a larger group, adding in more triangles of energy and always Soul-to-Soul. It is important that you do not use any of your life force, but instead tap into the unlimited higher source provided through your Soul.
If you are thinking that you yourself are healing another, then that is the ego in its fullest form.
I also know that the person must be there in a receptive and open state in order to receive and "heal", therefore also contributing to the "healing" themselves.
This energy enters the recipient and goes to where the recipient needs it most for their highest and best, good either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
Ultimately, I believe one of your goals as you walk the earth is to live simultaneously as fully human and as a spark of the Divine.
Although you may miss their physical presence in your days, their absence does not diminish the love that you feel for them. Since that connection remains in place, healing can happen no matter what the physical separation.
That the Soul is always a manifestation of Divine Presence, Divine Grace and Divine Love also provides a subtle surrender to Divine Will that serves as a protection to the one for whom you are intending and invoking healing. That is a subtle difference in energetic healing from prayer where the invocation is a petition verses being active in the healing process.
It is important that when you work in this way that you do not let your desire for a particular outcome influence you. For me, I received my Reiki I attunement and then waited 2 years before my Reiki II attunement. A lovely example of how reiki works is: With your Reiki I attunement it is like the power of a 50 watt bulb opening up and going through your Crown Chakra.

Some will follow a path of healing in the mainstream and even turn it into their main source of income.
You can use the power of visualization by “seeing” the person as if they were whole and healthy. Your thoughts and energy are there to support the process of healing, not control it with your own personal will or desires.
It is important to keep your personal will harnessed and only invoke what is right for them, understanding that the Soul is in control of both the outer form of life and all events. Her pauses are perfectly placed and the listener has time to actually repeat, reflect, refresh. I wasn't sure I resonated with Reiki I, but there were lessons I needed to go through as well after having taken my Reiki I. What each attunement in any source of healing that you resonate with does is brings you closer to knowing yourself and source.
Once I received my Reiki II Attunement I quickly accelerated in my attunement process, as I felt I was ready. And with each there seems to be a level of lessons (you progress into) for the majority who get attuned. They are forever changed in a positive directly just for reaching out and receiving the attunements, or new ways or working with others. For Reiki I it seems to be lessons in the physical realm that will be brought up in intensity to be released. This is one stepping stone to raising your vibration, open up your psychic channels even more and just have a great awareness for the All that is. For me, I felt that I didn't necessarily need to have *exact* hand placement position to send healing energy.
There can be a subtle shift in vibration and awareness or a strong one depending on the individual and what they planned for themselves prior to incarnating. I go with how I am guided and what feels comfortable and right with my hands if doing local healing. But you may not even notice the strong changes in your being until years later and then as you put the pieces to the puzzle together, look at yourself now compared to back then and realize something amazing took place. Another excellent source is Jonathan Goldman has a wonderful site with articles, information and more in the Sound arena that may peek your curiosity. There is Sound healing through instruments, such as Drums (the Heart of the Drum is so Powerful!), Tuning forks, meditative music and music of ALL kinds. You are each unique with unique talents and gifts that you must share with the world in your way.
You will see them more clearly and release them once and for all before moving on to the next level. In Forgiveness some may take up Therapy or realize there is a higher level that needs to be explored and fall into the wonderful realm of Ho'oponopono that heals, forgives and transmutes to pure light. Some may integrate their Ho'oponopono, Law of Attraction, Healing ways into something more advanced that works for them. Although I am attached to a few ways that resonate most with me, I find that a mixture of ALL of these ways are what raise us to new vibrations!!

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