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TweetBy 2015 the average energy bill could be unaffordable for most households in the UK according to a startling report this week. Energy bills in the UK have doubled over the last 8 years and these predictions should be a warning sign. With his experience in media and marketing Gavin is constantly thinking of innovative new ways of getting our ideas out into the mass market. If it is a press release or a promotional campaign, Gav will help find the best way to convey the message of energy saving to the market. Morecambe Bay is a declining basin and Centrica has been managing the dwindling reserves by producing from it mainly in winter when UK gas demand and prices are highest.
The Chancellor pushed through an extra 12% in tax on North Sea oil and gas production, raising the rate to 32% from 20% in the March Budget, despite warnings from the industry this will limit exploration and make the UK more dependant on imports from Russia and other overseas sources. E.ON Energy raises business energy contract prices for non maximum demand  meters from Tuesday 3rd May. We seem to be seeing weekly increases in business energy prices lately , and UK  businesses are beginning to feel the strain.
Many independently owned pubs, restaurants and hotels are feeling the squeeze from a large increase in business energy costs this year. These increases in energy costs are being absorbed as much as possible but many in the hospitality industry are telling us that they will have to increase the costs of their food and drink menus in order to keep trading this year. With the news that Scottish Power has updated their business electricity and business gas tariffs , it is the ideal time to do a business energy comparison. The Square Kilometre Array telescope, a multi-million dollar project which could begin construction in 2016, requires an absence of radio interference, which the fracking may cause.Several government departments will lead the research into whether the semi-arid Karoo region could be damaged by fracking. The credit score of your business will affect the competitiveness of your renewal offer from your current supplier as well as any prospective supplier. Some customers may have been with a supplier for years and always paid by direct debit with no problem but on contract renewal the supplier suddenly wants a deposit or refuses to renew them, leaving them on very high out of contract rates. While we understand the commercial pressures on suppliers, we feel that a number of business energy suppliers are using this cynically as a way of renewing customers at higher prices. The irony is that at least one of suppliers stating poor credit as an excuse for expensive unit rates has a credit score that they themselves would not take.
Wholesale gas prices are set to increase today on news that liquefied natural gas destined for the UK market has been diverted to Japan. Prices surged the week after the quake and tsunami hit Japan on fears that large volumes of LNG would be diverted to Japan, it seems that these fears have been realised. For further information on future business gas prices call our business gas team on 01202 682127. After the first comprehensive analysis of the green house footprint of shale gas by Cornell University in the US, it has been discovered that the environmental impact of shale gas is a minimum of 20% more that coal. Some have argued that shale gas will provide energy security as well as a signpost to a reduced carbon future.
The debate on shale gas is just beginning, and there are many vested interests from all sides. There was some volatility seen in power market on Wednesday, showing promise of some clawing back some of the previous sessions losses early on.
The afternoon period of trading saw a reversal of these gains, the whole of the power curve closing the day down.
Most of the losses were driven from the gas curve, which responded to a well supplied system and current demand levels being comfortably well supplied. Another good day of renewable generation was seen on Wednesday, wind and hydro generation combining for an overall 8% contribution to the generation mix.
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Often it’s only when we’re tired, run down or sick when we get that energy is the key to a quality life.
Let’s get to work with four easy ways that will zip up energy levels which will enable us to lead the quality of life that we aspire to. Thousands of years ago when we were likely to come up against the odd hungry dinosaur every now and then our bodies often experienced what is referred to as ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ mode. When this occurred the stress hormones, adrenalin and cortisol would be pumped out by the adrenals; two little glands situated at the top of the kidneys.
Modern day stresses however are different, and it’s unlikely that we experience life or death situations on a daily experience.
This is a problem because the release of stress hormones can interfere with, and often override, the release of other essential hormones, eg, sex hormones, or those released by the thyroid gland, which can lead to imbalance in hormonal patterns so that they become out of rhythm. The best way to combat stress is to acknowledge it, then deal with the root cause and figure out ways to integrate relaxation time on a daily basis. Let’s look at sleep first …ideally we should be aiming for around 8 hours of good quality, unbroken sleep per night …some people need a little less, some a little more, but it’s a good ball park.

Don’t forget, stress depletes the body’s nutrient reserves resulting in tiredness which can lead to a cycle of can’t sleep because of stress, and then feeling more stressed because we’re tired.
To get out of this cycle get into the habit of winding down and quietening the mind a few hours before bedtime by taking some time to relax whether that be having a warm bath, herbal teas, reading or whatever it is that calms you. Physical activity is not only a brilliant stress reliever, but it also energises, so if you can get yourself to the gym, out to a class, or even out for a twenty minute walk you’ll feel you have more energy, not less. Exercise is a winner on so many levels because it sends oxygen and nutrients to the brain, improves circulation, stimulates release of those all important endorphins which ultimately give you that ‘Yay!
What’s really important is that you include time in your day to do the things you enjoy …even if it’s doing something fun in your lunch hour, it’ll pay dividends, and the likelihood is that you’ll be so much more productive if you do. Stimulants such as nicotine, alcohol, chemicals, caffeine and sugar may provide a quick fix and a sense of temporary energy, but ultimately they rob our bodies of energy. Detoxing gives the body a chance to rest and heal because putting less stress on the digestive system allows the body to rid itself of toxins while facilitating healing. There are several detox strategies to choose from; they tend to range from one to seven days, but rather than go for one on the supermarket shelf, it’s often less complicated to limit food intake to small portions of nutrient dense foods such whole grains eg, rice or quinoa plus include unlimited vegetables (green veg is particularly good) along with nuts and seeds, berries and fruits, steamed fish and juices and broths. Additionally other elements come into play too, for instance reduction in the amount of food you intake, supplements, water, getting in touch with yourself spiritually, animal protein, breathing and getting rid of toxic relationships, all play a vital role in energy levels so these areas are well worth looking at too. It’s worth the investment because it will leave you feeling refreshed with abundant energy levels that mean that you’ll achieve more success and happiness in your life …and that is something everyone wants, right?! About The AuthorSarah Lantry is a qualified Nutritional Therapist based in Kensington, London and draws clients from across London and the Home Counties.
She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, leads workshops on nutrition, and offers individual health and nutrition coaching to busy professionals and families. We always advise with any conditions, ailment or health problem you take independent medical advice from your GP before considering a complementrary therapy, alternative medicine or alternative treatment. The problem with a lot of energy drinks is that they are filled with chemicals or other ingredients that we aren’t really looking for.
Boosting energy naturally is basically a case of changing a few things in your diet and everyday habits. Take a look at our post on this very thing and you’ll be surprised what you might not have known previously. To summarize it here, the wrong breakfast will start a cycle of energy going up and down all day, as your blood sugar and insulin levels try to balance each other out to meet your body’s demands. Simply increasing your intake of nutrition, through supplements (or breakfast) or careful planning of a meal once a day is going to be a massive boost. Nutrition and energy starts every single morning when your body wakes up empty, so eating healthily once a week and ignoring the rest of the days is pretty much pointless. I make sure I get a great breakfast every single day (the correct breakfast) and then go from there.
As well as the above changes, there ARE supplements you can take that will give you an energy boost naturally, without resorting to chemicals or caffeine. Guarana is a great natural energy booster, so drinking some Guarana tea is going to do you wonders.
There are various other natural products you can buy, but be careful to check the ingredients. Like I said, it’s best to just start with the basics such as a healthy breakfast, and move on from there. With prices on the rise again, it’s important to be conscious of your energy use for both personal use in the home and services for both large corporations and municipalities.
Try to find a provider of comprehensive power distribution solutions with a portfolio of medium and low voltage power distribution projects. While having cleaning crews come after hours is the least disruptive option to employees, having crews work during regular business hours can be a better option.
Educate building occupants about the benefits of energy efficiency and promote their conservation of it.
His job is to devise and execute marketing strategies to increase online sales across the global network of online stores in UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australasia. Its reliance on imported LNG has increased since then, forcing British gas and other suppliers to compete with other buyers internationally to obtain it. This increase follows the recent slight drop in prices for maximum demand meters offered by E.ON Energy. SME business customers who took a one year contract last year are seeing a unit rate increase of up to 50% on contract renewal this year. We have also seen in the last few months an increase in the amount of customers who are being asked for a security deposit before the commencement of a new contract. Qatar have agreed to sell 4 million tons of LNG to Japan , which means there will be less gas coming to Europe and the UK. The number of LNG vessels headed for the UK has dropped drastically in the last week while deliveries to Japan have increased massively. Researchers from the United States discovered that shale gas wells emit large amounts of methane gas, a key contributor to Global Warming.
This theory now seems to be completely wrong and in fact shale gas will prove an even bigger greenhouse polluter than coal and traditional natural gas.
Methane is far worse than CO2 from a green house perspective, although it lingers for a far shorter time in the atmosphere. You may wish to train to become a therapist, further your education in complementary therapies, or become a natural health practitioner.
We do this by marketing each and every practitioner or therapy centre individually providing a marketing campaign that delivers value for money and covers its cost.

Generally how we feel when we get out of bed in the morning dictates whether we have a great day …or an average day, and who wants one of those?! Well, the good news is that by making relatively small tweaks in our diet and lifestyle we can experience results quickly. These hormones prepared our bodies for emergency situations so that blood was pumped to the relevant areas of the bodies to maximise our survival. When we’re stressed though, our adrenals don’t understand the difference between missing the 8.15am flight out of Heathrow or being chased along a track by a spear wielding savage, rather they pump out adrenalin and cortisol regardless. Yoga and meditation work really well, as do breathing exercises, a warm soak in the tub, spending time with nature, or even a cup of tea with a favourite book or film.
Keeping blood sugar levels stable is critical in energy management, because rather than experience peaks and troughs in energy levels through the day, it means that we have consistent energy. Think of what your grandmother would have put on the table 75 years ago and replicate that …food was naturally organic then, people ate seasonal produce and there was no where near the levels of refined sugars in the average diet.
They’re actually anti-nutrients in that they don’t contain any nutrients that serve the body, rather deplete the body’s nutrient reserves to actually process them. Benefits are multiple; the liver, kidneys and colon all benefit, blood is purified, spirits are lifted, the immune system is strengthened plus we lose excess weight and water so that we look and feel great. One thing that a lot of people don’t put much stock into though, is WHAT their breakfast is. If you are stuck in a rut and can’t even find the energy to exercise though, then make a few of the above changes first.
Some of them might give you a natural boost but will also give you some unhealthy things too (Guarana chocolate anyone?). Highly efficient grid networks will provide the foundation for energy efficient infrastructures, buildings and industrial applications. He will assess how the building consumes and wastes power, helping to find areas where efficiencies can be made such as electricity consumption, building heat loss and inefficient systems. This reduces the time heating, cooling and lights are in use at night when just a few people are using it.
This will use less power and create less heat to strain your heating ventilation air-conditioning systems (HVAC).
Ask people to turn off lights in unused rooms just like they would at home, to not let water run unnecessarily in bathroom or kitchen sinks, to keep refrigerators open just long enough to remove contents. It’s acceptable for a space to be a little hot or a little cold when not in use and there aren’t comfort concerns to be mindful of. The average home energy bill currently stands at ?1252 but uSwitch predict this will rise to ?1500 by 2015.
Many pubs and restaurants are reporting reduced turnover while supermarkets are reporting record turn over and profits.
One point I think all of us who are involved in the business gas sector will agree on is: anything that can help reduce the current gas prices can only be a good thing, as long as it is not at the expense of future generations. The not so great news though is that it’s unlikely that we’ll find a single answer, rather it’s multiple strategies that work in combination to zip up energy levels overall. Whatever works for you really, but schedule time to switch off for whatever activity that makes you feel human again.
It’s much better to learn how to increase energy naturally, because you will be able to benefit from all round increased productivity and activity, not just random energy spikes here and there. Making these spaces more efficient can save the taxpayer dollars, while improving private businesses helps the bottom line.
This will help keep costs down and allow for spaces to be more ‘green’ which is not only the trend these days but is also the right thing to do for the planet. A professional will know all the problem areas to look for and will know where to point you to find good solutions. Reset thermostats if necessary to allow for these temperature changes based on hours of occupancy.
This tells me that confidence is still very low in the general population and the increase in energy costs for both businesses and domestic customers will only add to the feeling of less money in your pocket. Your body will become fitter and as you shape up you will find being active is naturally easy. While some of the things you can do to reduce your energy usage may cost money at the outset, over the long term, they will save money and are good for the environment. Also make sure equipment is high efficiency and replace old boilers, water handlers and air distributors. Much more so than the old, outdated, wasteful systems still found in some properties today. An example would be using more energy efficient equipment, such as Energy Star rated systems to replace outdated ones. Just because something works, doesn’t mean that it works well and may be costing you more than you think.
By implementing just a few of these tips, you will be able to keep your costs low when energy bills rise again.

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