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IQ Green Energy lighting have a range of intelligent energy efficient light fittings that form a complete low-energy lighting solution for the industrial and commercial sectors. IQ Green Energy lighting units incorporate advanced photometric design and intelligent sensor control with optimised low-energy T 5 fluorescent technology, making the unit highly efficient and able to react automatically to it's surroundings. IQ Green Energy, Energy Efficient Lighting is now being used by many responsible Management Teams and Energy Consultants as a form of cost control by saving significant amounts of Energy when lighting their premises.
As with all IQ Green Energy energy-saving technologies, these units are programmed to react intelligently to it's surroundings.
Changing lamps is usually an expensive process - not only do you have the cost of the replacement lamp (which if it is a metal halide or SON can be considerable), but also the cost of the labour, the means to reach the lamps (if suspended over 3 metres a cherry picker or scissor lift is usually required), production downtime and the disposal of the old lamps. In addition to this, when you come to replace the lamps in the unit, they are a fraction of the cost of a metal halide or SON lamp.
The reflectors and lamps in the IQ Green Energy luminaire have been carefully designed to optimise light output. Traditional SON and metal halide lights degrade swiftly after installation - typically the light will lose 10% of it's output over the first 100 hours, and between 35-40% over 6000-8000 hours. The linear light configuration of the IQ Green Energy unit does much to improve light quality over an above the point source of a traditional SON or Metal Halide. The IQ Green Energy lighting system runs at ambient temperature as opposed to metal halides and SONs that waste much energy by running very hot.

Solar PV systems are one of the most effective and green methods of contributing towards the protection of planet Earth. Solar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to warm hot water in conjunction with a conventional boiler or immersion heater.
Biomass boilers, burn wood pellets, chips or logs to to provide warmth in a single room or to power central heating and hot water boilers.
Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air to power the central heating system and hot water in your home.
7 watt spiral energy saving lamp with low price , Manufacturers from Sanhn Lighting Co., Ltd.
Description: TermoDeck is a building system with reduced capital costs, low energy consumption and savings in peak electrical demand (peak power loads) by using energy storage in hollow core slabs.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The low-energy IQ Green Energy units are in many instances saving over 80% on the lighting energy bill, significantly reducing carbon footprint, reducing maintenance and improving working conditions - A win for one and all.
Typically a SON or metal halide lamp needs replacing after 10,000 hours because the light output significantly decays over this period, the lamps in the IQ Green Energy luminaire will give near-constant light output for over 30,000 hours. Clear delivery on the financial and operational sides of the business and also less waste on the environmental side.

The lamps recommended for use in the IQ Green Energy unit have minimal degradation (10% over 3 years), hence light levels stay at an acceptable level. Lamps running hot have two major disadvantages - firstly they cause the HVAC in the building to run more frequently, and from a technical point of view they affect the Power Factor in the building, making it worse. This maintains operational light levels for a lower luminaire output - increasing the effective energy efficiency and adding to the 50% savings already achieved.
Secondly in situations where either operatives or customers are looking up towards the lights (for example a Fork lift driver looking up into racking, or a badminton player in a sports hall), they are not dazzled by the point source glare of the metal halide or SON. Life cycle costs are heavily reduced by using the radiant cooling from the thermal mass in the concrete floors.
In addition to this, the Passive Infra-Red sensor on the unit will detect when there is activity in proximity of the light and will switch off lights that are surplus to requirements (or dim back as appropriate) - ideal for low-occupancy environments such as warehouse lighting. Delivers on the operational side of the business creating a better working environment, and better Health and Safety.
The combination of these energy saving features will often deliver energy savings in excess of 80% over conventional lighting - clear delivery on both the financial and environmental sides of the business.

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