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Since the earliest times, practitioners of Energy Medicine have used techniques such as the laying on of hands to help restore individuals to a state of health and harmony – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Tagged  alternative health, energy healing, energy medicine, reiki, spiritual energy healing, stress reduction. Jump Start Your Intuition… JumpStart Your Intuition with our 50 page free online training course. Offer healing services that are truly alternatives to conventional veterinary medicine when conventional medicine is not as effective as might be desired.

Timely scheduling of treatments allows each treatment to build on the results of the one before with out starting over each time. Rita Louise's medical intuition, psychic clairvoyant readings and spiritual energy healing services are offered in person, by phone or over Skype.
All of the healing methods I use are forms of energy work, influencing the nervous system and the energy systems of the body, each in its own way.
Hour long appointments and a home like atmosphere allow animals to relax making Veterinary Spinal Manipulation easier, more effective and longer lasting.

During this exciting hands-on workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of themselves as energetic being as they explore issues at the core of their very being: What are we made of?
These modalities can be used as primary therapy or as a supplement to conventional veterinary medicine.

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