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Each one of us has a luminous energy field (LEF) – the aura of energy and light that surrounds and informs our physical bodies.
Many are familiar with acupuncture meridians and chakras – both of these systems are contained within this field.  The LEF connects to our physical body via the chakra system and nervous system. Marie uses shamanic and energetic methods to heal imprints, release clogged energy within the chakra system and replenish this vital field of energy.  Healing sessions can take place in person or remotely.

Marie uses energy medicine alongside her naturopathic modalities, and has seen it safely and effectively treat a wide variety of physical and emotional complaints.  Energy medicine can often provide relief and lasting healing to conditions that don’t respond to conventional methods. Marie may also sense intrusive energies in the body or field and may guide their healing and release with her voice and use of a quartz crystal.  She makes herself available as a conduit for a lineage of healers who assist in illuminating and re-vitalizing the chakra system once the wound has been cleared.

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