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Upon the increase, central heating rates for the population might rise by 80 percent on average.Head of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine Dmytro Vovk predicts an increase in "social" tariffs for gas for the population by 53 percent (to UAH 1,900 (approx.
Progress says it's going to order $24 billion worth of drinks, but they won't arrive until 2024.
Oh, and you have to pick up the tab a€” even if the server drops the tray and the drinks never arrive at all.
Last week, Progress raised the projected cost of the new nuclear plant it wants to build in Levy County and delayed its expected completion date.
The price jumped from $17 billion in 2008 to as high as $22 billion in 2011 and now up to $24 billion today. The company doesn't expect to start producing power at the plant until 2024, eight years later than it originally thought. The nuclear tax a€” we might as well call it that since it's a mandatory fee sanctioned by state government a€” is likely here to stay, though it's being challenged in court.

You're stuck with whatever provider serves your neighborhood, and for large swaths of Central Florida's suburbs, that's Progress Energy. Back in 2006, new nuclear power was all the rage because of concerns about a potential federal carbon tax, the demands of an increasing population and volatile natural gas prices. Utilities persuaded the Legislature to pass a law (the nuclear tax) that would allow them to charge customers for nuclear plants in advance of the plants being built. A couple of years later, we were in a full-blown recession, and political will shifted against any new taxes, including a carbon tax. Florida's population began stagnating, even declining, meaning the utilities didn't have as many new customers as they expected. And natural gas prices dropped as power companies tapped into more and more underground supplies. Suddenly new nuclear plants, which are astronomically expensive to build, looked far less appealing.

Or presumably a hefty fee to get out of it since Progress recently negotiated to cancel the main construction contract.
If the rate increases Progress asked for last week are approved by state regulators, the average customer's bill could increase from $123.19 a month to about $125 based on 1,000 kilowatt hours.
Kissimmee Utility Authority, a small provider in Osceola County, charges more than Progress, at $133.17. The company says it's hoping to get a license next year from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build the new Levy County reactors. But if history is any guide, the cost will keep going up, and the date will continue to be pushed back.

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