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TweetBy 2015 the average energy bill could be unaffordable for most households in the UK according to a startling report this week.
Energy bills in the UK have doubled over the last 8 years and these predictions should be a warning sign. With his experience in media and marketing Gavin is constantly thinking of innovative new ways of getting our ideas out into the mass market. If it is a press release or a promotional campaign, Gav will help find the best way to convey the message of energy saving to the market.

Based on data from Consumer Focus we looked at the average price per kWp based on the standard rate in the London Region.
This graph is based on price per kWh on the 30th of October 2012 and includes all the price rises that have been announced by five out of six utility companies (E.ON still has to announce theirs).
His job is to devise and execute marketing strategies to increase online sales across the global network of online stores in UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australasia. The average home energy bill currently stands at ?1252 but uSwitch predict this will rise to ?1500 by 2015.

The rise in electricity prices continues to make solar panels more attractive, especially since they have decreased by more than 60% in price in the last years. Enter your postcode now and see how you can become independent on future electricity price rises with solar panels.

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