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Back in 2011, MIT discovered that the Fisker Karma's batteries only lost 10 percent of their battery life after 1,500 charges.
Previous Project Update: Securifi's Almond+ Touchscreen WiFi router smashed its original $250,000 target, and is now well beyond the $500,000 mark. Evolution of the LED diode and the increase of its light output resulted in trend of replacing traditional source of light by LED bulbs. Whitenergy LED bulbs consume up to 90% less energy and their life-circle is estimated to 25 000 hours which makes it work for 5 around years.
Whitenergy offers wide range of LED bulbs, LED strips and accessories which allow you to build your own lighting system as RGB drivers, LED adapters and connectors. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

This trap attracts insert pest like a magnet, using a combination of heat, vacuum and light to catch and kill them.
Admittedly, the study didn't examine the EV's reliability, nor its tendency to spontaneously combust, but the MIT researchers did learn plenty about energy conservation in the process.
With 18 days left to go, maybe this is another project destined to join the Million-dollar Kickstarter club.
Advanced technologies used in Whitenergy LED bulbs guarantee reduction of energy loss and improve product functioning. Fast-forward to now, and YShape, a start-up spun off from that original research, is taking to Kickstarter to fund HeatMeter, a sensor that's designed to measure the efficiency of fuel-based boilers. While electricity usage meters are ten-a-penny, it isn't so easy to find equivalents for gas, propane or oil-powered units.

By measuring the vibrations in its casing, HeatMeter can tell you exactly how much energy has been used.
Combine that data with your home size and average bill cost, and it'll work out what you're spending and how to use less. YShape, led by Radu Gogoana, needs $60,000 for the initial production run -- and will offer you a discounted unit if you kick in $129 -- or lifetime upgrades and support if you make it $149.

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