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Information on 2013 Minnesota energy rebates are here, and the news is good for homeowners looking at having new attic insulation or air sealing installed.
Your old, spare residential-sized refrigerator or freezer can use two to three times more electricity than newer, ENERGY STAR® models. If you buy a new refrigerator from Best Buy or Sears, you can get a $25 rebate from PPL Electric Utilities for the new fridge AND a $50 incentive check for recycling your old refrigerator. If you have inefficient, working window air conditioners, we will have those picked up at the same time as your refrigerator or freezer and give you an additional $25 per unit. The refrigerator or freezer must be in working condition and be between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size.
Find out about me I like to define myself as a child of God, mother of three and a wife to a totally amazing husband.
Due to rising wholesale power costs, legislative mandates, environmental initiatives and the building of new transmission lines, the cost of electricity is increasing. The US Department of Energy website is a one-stop comprehensive website if you want to start off with small energy saving habits or go big with alternate energy. We stay with the US Department of Energy and its well-regarded international standard for energy efficiency. Another US Department of Energy website works similarly to the other energy savings calculator by using your location to setup an energy profile.
MyEnergy (Beta) tracks your energy usage by linking to your online utility accounts (gas, power, and water).
This year you can receive a $650 energy rebate for improving your attic's insulation and having a BPI certified installer do some air sealing. With over 30 years experience our crews offer the very best service when it comes to attic insulation and air sealing.
I'm a deal finding enthusiast, a dreamer, a houseplant killer and an ever-learning student who is inspired by trying new things. However, there are many things you can do to lower your own energy use and help save money on your monthly energy bills.

They'll help you estimate how much energy one appliance, one room or your entire house uses, and show you the potential energy and cost savings you can accumulate when you make a few small changes around your home. Go with the Tip section and the scour the site for tools that can give you information on approved energy efficient appliance rebate programs and other things. The standard and the practices that lie behind it enable consumers to make energy efficient choices for their homes and the planet. The quiz-styles calculator helps you get a fix on your energy goals and design it around your lifestyle with the aim of reducing your total environmental impact.
Consumers get valuable tips and free personalized energy recommendations depending on the address. With your location, you get an estimate of what a typical and what an energy efficient home spend on energy. That’s what I thought of this unusual pairing but Hohm (beta) does exactly what it advertises. But the tips alone could lead to small savings or at least some major dollops of awareness that infinitesimal steps can lead to energy savings. The objective of this energy rebate is to improve the energy efficiency of Minnesota homes. If you're looking at starting a project because of the offered energy rebates give us a call. In my spare time I like to play the piano, frequent yardsales, sell things on ebay, redecorate my home, design wall art and find bargains and read a good book! You can take advantage of tools like Store Locator, Rebate Finder, Energy Star Builder Locator, and more. The calculator uses regional default values and gives you a customized profile that reflects the specifics of your home. You can edit the default values and fill in your details to get the good word on how to go about saving energy and money.
Comparison estimates are detailed and show where (and how) you can redesign your home to start saving on energy costs.

Tracking your usage could help you visualize your energy spends and what more you need to do to lower the graph. Quite similarly to the other sites above, it starts with your energy profile and then offers ideas on how you can save.
All energy rebates are subject to terms and conditions, and are on a first-come first-serve basis. Listen to the podcasts and other home improvement tips to build your energy efficient lifestyle. Even if you don’t upgrade, it’s a great learning tool to see how you can make a difference. It also has a support community that can give you further insights into real world examples. Why not head over to the web or check our directory for some more apps and see how you can save energy, the Earth, and money all year round. Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) will analyze your utility bills to see where energy savings might be possible. When purchasing a new refrigerator, Best Buy or Sears will make arrangements for delivery and pickup. If I am ever compensated for a post, I will disclose it in the post and give my honest opinions and feedback. One of my favorite sections is Lowdown which tells us how people are living in green homes around the world.
MyEnergytakes a community approach as you can share your spends and savings with other members. More information on the Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program is available here.

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