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Save Energy Group's Commercial Division delivers proven, high quality Renewable Energy Systems & Services. We have a proven record in providing solutions tailored to our clients' specific requirements - backed by efficient project management, delivery & aftersales. We assist clients through each step of the process, ensuring the integration of renewable technologies is both a positive experience and a major step forward in the long term financial independence from energy consumption and rising costs.
Save Energy Group are a dynamic organisation, pushing innovation in the renewable energy sector to ensure our Commercial and Residential clients benefit from the very latest proven technologies from around the globe. The new EU Energy Label was introduced in 2010 and has been enforced since July 2011 a€“ Most white goods must now clearly display this label when offered for sale. Remember the energy rating only refers to electricity consumption and doesn’t take water usage into account. Tell your friends and colleagues how to save water in the kitchen by sharing these useful tips.

Sitting on the Board of Directors for the British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA), we play an active role in ensuring the UK solar industry is well-represented within the UK national energy policy.
The most efficient washing machine will use 6 litres of water per kilogram in comparison to the least efficient washing machine that will use 14 litres of water per kilogram. This new label is easier to understand than its predecessor and uses icons instead of words.
Checking the water consumption box on the energy label will help you to identify if your appliance is efficient or not.
The label also shows for a typical household how many kilowatt hours and how many litres of water are consumed each year. To avoid creasing, synthetic wash programmes use fifty per cent more water than cotton washes. If your washing programme is set to use extra rinse, this will obviously use more water than necessary.

By reading the bottom half of the label you will understand both the energy efficiency and water efficiency of your kitchen appliance. Further information on the energy efficiency label includes the capacity in kilograms, the energy efficiency of the dryer (if the appliance is a washer dryer) and the noise created in decibels.
If you tend not to fill the drum you should was less frequently or consider buying a washing machine with a smaller drum. The purpose of extra rinse is to ensure the fabric softener is completely removed for the benefit of people with sensitive skin.

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