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Have a big gig this weekend and want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch? One of the easiest ways to ensure everything goes right during your set is to adjust your Mac for live performance.
Yeah, I know your computer warns you about shortening your display life, but it’s either that or shortening your DJ career. If there’s one thing you never want your computer or hard drive to do, going into sleep mode during a performance is at the top of the list.
In addition to the above sleep settings, turn off the below options: Put hard disk(s) to sleep when possible, Wake for network access, and Automatically reduce brightness before display goes to sleep. You might not know this, but those little Widgets, hiding out in Dashboard, eat-up your RAM, even if Dashboard itself is closed. Disabling IR reception is seldom mentioned in Mac optimization articles, but definitely worth doing. Heat is one of the main contributors to premature hard drive death and overall system lethargy. In your Apple Menu Bar, you’ll see the SMC display with the current temperature and fan RPM speed, click this to view a drop menu and then click Preferences. Whether you’re new to the world of Mac computers or a Mac veteran, optimizing your machine for use with resource intensive audio applications is quick, easy and highly recommended. To be honest, I’ve had my screen saver off for years and my display is still going strong (knock on wood).
It’s like falling asleep behind the wheel while going 90 MPH, but with a few hundred people in the car staring at you in horror.

Not only is this a performance faux pas, it’s practically begging the computer gods for audio dropouts and other audible anomalies.
All it takes is some joker in the club to point an Apple remote at your Mac and click a button to bring your set to a grinding halt. Your Mac will automatically start the fan when your computer gets too hot, but once your Mac gets toasty in a hot club, it’s really hard to cool it down quickly. If your computer isn’t properly optimized, it can have a major impact on your performance. Streaming audio through a low latency sound card requires uninterrupted USB communication between the operating system and audio device. OSX requires at least one Widget to be active, not sure why exactly, so leave something like Stickies running. When using graphic intensive programs for DJing or visuals, it’s recommended to use the higher performance card.
Time Machine is set to backup your files every hour, which in my opinion is a bit excessive, but I understand the importance of it. As heat increases, thermal impedance increases, greatly impacting processor and internal component performance. Using SMC Fan Control, I set the fan to a higher RPM (5000-6000 RPM) before I start performing.
If your computer goes down it’s game-over, so do yourself a favor, make sure your Mac is ready to rock a crowded, hot, sweaty club for hours and perform at least a few of the recommended optimizations.

While using resource heavy applications, any interruption the CPU is forced to deal with can result in an audio dropout, glitch or some other unpleasant surprise. Wireless and Bluetooth networking are notorious for interrupting USB communication and causing audio issues. For everyday use, this is fine and not too much of a nuisance, but when using resource intensive audio applications, having Spotlight suddenly start indexing in the middle of your set can be disastrous.
The Weather, World Clock, and Stickies Widgets are kind of cool, but that’s about as far as I delved. To keep Time Machine off my back, especially while DJing, I simply disable Time Machine by turning it off and when I’m ready to backup, I turn it back on. You don’t have to turn these options off and never use them again, but it is in your best interest to turn them off before performing.
If you're experiencing intermittent stutter, lag or performance issues, this could be partially to blame.

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