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According to a Russian Power Saver designer, he claimed that by using anti-parallel or back to back connection of SCR after the kWh meter, 30% of energy can be saved. Do you know any Power Saver on the market or Power Saver schematic diagram which REALLY save energy?
Residential customers do not pay Peak Demand Charges anywhere I know of, that is only true for large commercial and industrial customers, and it requires a different kind of metering system than what it used in residential accounts. Trying to assert that this concept will do anything of value in a whole-house installation is absolutely preposterous, and most likely dangerous for any electronics that are connected to it. If you unbalance the SCR firing, you draw DC current that is not measured by the meter and can even act as a brake for the meter's rotor. It is not good for the induction motors and definitively bad for the utility distribution transformer. Will the SCR firing unbalance if one of the NTC thermistors is changed to 200 ohms for example? The most effective way I have found to save energy in my home is to get after my wife about not having the doors and windows open while the heat or air conditioning (or both a the same time.) is on or driving to town and spending $10 on gas to buy a $1 item then come home or leaving the TV and sound system and every light on in the house 24 hours a day. Don't feel bad tcmtech I married a collage educated woman who manages multi-million dollar funds for her company, and she can't even keep track of her own bank account.I usually have to wind up putting money in her account every other week. Four boxes keep America Free The soap box, The ballot box, The jury box, & The cartridge box. If the input was a 230Vac sine wave, would the voltage waveform at the output side be the same (given that a load was connected)?

Are we all seeing the same circuit diagram, and has there been any editing or change in it?
However, efficient power supplies, correctly set thermostats, turning off unnecessary devices etc.
The CONCEPT looks to be based on a very old circuit design from the 1970s called the 'Nola Circuit", and if you do a search on it you will see a similar setup. It may be true that the circuit is not doing any real energy savings but no matter how insignificant the energy that can be salvaged, it is something! Any load that gets connected at the right end of the circuit, will make the circuit complete and therefore current will flow..
Depending on the type of load plugged, if mostly resistive in nature like a heaters or incandescent bulbs, there will be no reaction since the voltage and current remained in phase.
If the load becomes mostly inductive as in motors, it will change the overall circuit's behavior, since some phase difference, harmonics will be introduced due to the inductive nature of the load.. At this point, whatever phase difference presented in the circuit will cause an equivalent unbalanced in the current passing on the neutral wire which is now considered as a wasted energy since it will ultimately be sinked into the ground or earth potential without those thyristors in place! But with the thyristors in placed, it will react and behave differently to whatever unbalance current it senses along that neutral wire. I did NOT see T1 when I studied it yesterday, or I would not have said that there's no break in the second line. The purpose was for a SINGLE AC motor controller that might run UNLOADED for some reason for at least 50% of the time.

Although many components are connected to that second line, in all cases, it is BOTH ENDS of those components. It will divert whatever current difference sensed before it got dump to the earth ground and used that salvaged energy to drive the small fan in the schematic! When the motor is unloaded, the SCRs are phased back to reduce the voltage a little, which drops the watts looses in magnetizing the motor.
It ALSO drops the motor torque, but remember, it is only intended to engages when the motor is unloaded, so therefore the torque is unnecessary anyway. I just have to say it and I might wind up with a knot on the top of my head, oh well here goes. But how many years are they going to try and fool us into thinking they are 21 and holding. Now I have to go hide in the shop till she cools down, maybe I will go back in the house tomorrow.

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