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Choose one of the power plan (Balanced, Power Saver or High performance) click Change plan settings next to it. Similarly under Charge level select the charge level at which Energy Saver mode is to be enabled.
You can enable or disable Batter Saver by toggling the Battery Saver is currently button to On or Off.
If you would simply like to disable the feature if you do not find it of much use to you simply, follow the steps as outlined above but in the end simply uncheck the option ‘Turn battery saver on automatically if my battery falls below’.
This panel also allows you to add apps which can run in the background, even when your Windows 10 computer is running in battery saver mode.
In addition to the above settings, Windows 10 contains additional Energy Saver settings under advanced power settings in Control panel.

You might want to also take a look at Tips to Conserve Battery Power and Extend or Prolong Battery Life in Windows and this Laptop Battery Usage Tips & Optimization Guide. If there was a material of the year award, bamboo would likely take home the first place prize.
When it comes to building or redoing your deck or patio, you might assume classic wood is your best bet.
Text by Heather Armstrong Deciding whether or not to put new windows in an older home isn’t an easy decision. When you do not have access to power terminal and you are not carrying additional battery, the Windows 10 Energy Saver mode will come to your rescue.
When, in the active state, the feature conserves battery life by limiting the background activity and adjusting the hardware settings.

It then displays information related to amount of battery life and estimated time a user has remaining. If you wish to configure its settings, click Battery Saver settings to control its automatic activation.

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