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Businesses using electricity on a larger scale stand to make even more significant savings. Savvy Britons are saving hundreds of pounds a year by converting to energy-saving light bulbs, according to a leading market research group. Homeowners using a 7W LED light instead of a 40W incandescent light bulb for eight hours a day will save roughly ?1.30 a month, per bulb.
The increasing popularity of low wattage bulbs is expected to grow the commercial LED lighting market seven-fold in the next three years, predicts TrendForce. The huge growth is down to an increasing awareness of energy-saving opportunities and high electricity prices across Europe, TrendForce said. Market research also indicates that LED prices will see a dramatic drop, starting this year, meaning even more savings for homeowners and businesses.

An LED light bulb’s lower wattage and higher thermal dissipation efficiency result in better energy-saving efficiency, the market research firm said.
It is easy to buy 10W (and lower) LED light bulbs and candle lights at convenience stores and supermarkets across Britain.
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