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There is no denying that the Tesla Model 3 is an engineering marvel with stellar safety features. Source of the electricity?On the surface, Tesla cars are green because they don’t emit poisonous gases. For you to download videos off the Internet you must download the Mozilla Firefox browser at. Flashback Arrestor Failure Resistant World's Best (HHO Gas) To my knowledge and research across the Internet my flashback arrestor that I created is to be the number one flashback arrestor worldwide. Stanley Meyer may have done exactly that, modifying his dune buggy to run on water alone using the hydrogen to run his dune buggy. The goal of this web site is to explain the science behind Stanley Meyer’s water fuel cell. I personally believe in the concept see more Here but maybe there is still a element of doubt if he really achieved what he said in running his car using the Water Fuel Cell. There are many people, as you could well imagine, who would not like to see this technology appear in the market place.
Join in the creative spirit and challenge (that is not driven by greed) and help in an endeavor that will revolutionize the world.

The car is also going to be sold in India, and many people in India have written articles overflowing with excitement too.
Our country’s Minister of Power Piyush Goyal earlier announced that India aims to become a 100 percent electric vehicle nation by 2030.
These cars run on electricity, so you are not involved in murdering the environment by using fossil fuels.
If there is another flashback arrestor concept that is equal or better than mine please let me know. He may have thought he had something and just wanted to source more funds so he could fulfill his dream?
It is cute how a nation with a perpetual shortage of electricity wants to power expensive cars. My goal is to supply information and how to make the safest flashback arrestor for any application.
Instead of getting into politics though, we should also be asking how environmentally friendly this move really is. Well, it all sounds good, as long as you don’t care where all this electricity comes from.

I am working with other inventors to create the safest flashback arrestor so that we can bring to market HHO gas for any and all applications Automobile, Trucks, Buses, Home Heating, Electric Generators. I still believe In the concept 100% and I believe as I think Stanley did that this will revolutionize the world in using Voltage (Potential Energy) to disassociate the water molecule. Little wonder then that Tesla cars are seen as the most promising alternative to conventional automobiles.
In most countries including the US, majority of the electricity is generated by burning coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels. The problem kicks in when people start hailing electric cars as God’s gift for the environment. For instance, many Tesla supporter firmly believe that these cars are going to save us from the uncontrollable pollution and the depleting natural resources.

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