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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Engineer- Poet on New Column: New Berkeley Lab Study Tallies Environmental and Public Health Benefits of Solar Power The benefits are World saving. Scott Edward Anderson is a consultant, blogger, and media commentator who blogs at The Green Skeptic. Christine Hertzog is a consultant, author, and a professional explainer focused on Smart Grid. Gary Hunt Gary is an Executive-in-Residence at Deloitte Investments with extensive experience in the energy & utility industries. Jesse Jenkins is a graduate student and researcher at MIT with expertise in energy technology, policy, and innovation.
Geoffrey Styles is Managing Director of GSW Strategy Group, LLC and an award-winning blogger. Engineer- Poet on New Column: New Berkeley Lab Study Tallies Environmental and Public Health Benefits of Solar PowerJoe Deely on Surrender at Ft. 4 Homes at the Edge of the EarthThe Birth of Modern Architecture10 Must-Know Modern HomesWhat's the Difference? A 2012 book called From the Ground Up: Innovative Green Homes, edited by Peggy Tully, documents a 2008 design competition of the same name.
The competition targeted the Near Westside neighborhood of Syracuse for more reasons than proximity to Syracuse University.
Following Passive House principles, the architects made the resulting exterior envelope 16 inches thick, with a value of R-70.
A blower door test was performed to determine the levels of air infiltration at the exterior.
The two-bedroom, two-bath house was bought by Maggie Maurer (shown here) and her boyfriend Peter Waack. Like the R-House next door, the TED House is designed per Passive House standards, but that did not happen until after Onion Flats won the competition, right before the project was going in for permits, in fact.
The house did superbly in the blower door test, much better than the LEED Platinum home they recently completed in their hometown. As the photo above attests, the house is striking for the dramatic three-story space that extends from the kitchen to the loft below the solar chimney that caps the house. Steven Morris and Sara O'Mahoney, who own a bicycle shop in the city, purchased the house with the help of Home HeadQuarters, a housing provider that gave them down payment assistance and tax incentives. Rather than combining parcels, as done on similar projects, the architects worked with one lot, meaning that the resulting single-story plan is a linear one.

The flexible zone at the back of the loft is accommodated by sliding panels that also echo the exterior perforated screen. Top 10 Industrial Safety Slogans Success will always be with you, as long as you place safety as the first priority.
Top 10 Industrial Safety SlogansSafety does not come instantly, you should implement it consistently. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. No pollutionThe refining of the rare earths for the direct-drive wind (May 27, 2016 at 12:22 AM)Joe Deely on Surrender at Ft. Competition entrants were asked to envision affordable, green single-family houses for the Near Westside neighborhood of Syracuse, New York. As Mark Robbins, dean of the university's School of Architecture describes it, the "From the Ground Up competition seeks to provide another model for disinvested urban residential neighborhoods found throughout the United States through the creation of affordable green homes." Yet, as can be seen, and as Michael Sorkin picks up on in his essay in the book, the winning houses are highly individual forms that have a scale similar to existing houses in the neighborhood but stand out strongly from them. From inside to outside, there's 2-by-6 wood framing (2-by-12 framing at the roof) with blown-in fiberglass insulation (drywall is mounted on the interior face of the studs, plywood on the exterior side), then EPS (foam) insulation and finally corrugated metal siding mounted on furring strips. In the test a fan is attached to the front door to differentiate between indoor and outdoor pressure, and an assessor walks around the building with a smoke stick to see where any gaps occur. Maurer, a mother of three, is actually a Building Performance Institutea€“certified building analyst, meaning she is living in one of the best examples of what she devotes her working hours to. As the architects put it, "After our Passive House training, we were embarrassed by such a wimpy shell" of R-19 in the walls and R-30 in the roof.
While the cost for the shell went up over their competition entry, it resulted in reduced mechanical needs. Warm air and humidity are exhausted at the top of the house, taking care of the interior's cooling needs in the summer. They say their house is "cheaper than our apartment was a€” and it's a thousand times nicer." Note the trays above the kitchen doors, where the couple is growing some food through the help of the glass transom.
In their decision to integrate work into the residential program, they hope to, as they say, "attract new residents and uses, helping to repopulate the urban neighborhood."The retractable front screen shown here can maintain privacy and filter sunlight, but it could also serve as a means of signaling when the work portion is open for business. They found inspiration in vernacular longhouses, specifically the Haudenosaunee one in the Syracuse area.
A wall faced in oriented strand board separates the loft space from the service areas a€” storage, kitchen, bathroom, laundry. Note the tracks on the floor and the ceiling that allow for as much area to be open or closed as the owners want. This big-picture presentation goes hand in hand with the big idea of realizing houses from a design competition whose timing coincided with the housing crisis and the doubt it created.

I have Bachelor of Architecture and Master in Urban Planning degrees, and over ten years experience in architectural practice, split between Chicago and NYC. Seven finalists were selected from the more than 50 entries received, and three of the finalists' designs were realized.
Uniquely, instead of using wood studs, the walls and roof are framed with truss joists (TJI members) that are normally used as beams.
They changed from batt insulation and R-1 windows to closed-cell spray foam, densely packed cellulose, a zip-panel air barrier, 4-inch EPS insulation, a metal panel rain screen and R-10 windows. This ideabook focuses on those three houses, which are 1,100 square feet and $150,000 each, and the lessons they offer about green residential architecture. Triple-glazed windows with argon filling are the last ingredient in creating a superinsulated exterior.
Hinged panels, perforated in tree-like patterns like the front facade, can be opened and closed to let in light and maintain privacy. Their orientation across the ceiling echoes the perforated panels of the exterior.The exterior walls behind the perforated walls are made from structurally insulated panels that combine with the insulated glass and reflective roofing to create an efficient envelope, if not as tight or superinsulated as the other two houses. If there will be no freshair available then how human beings, animal, and birds survive;therefore, a clean environment is the need for every livingobject on this earth. No pollution , no deadly radiation and storage for thousands of years (May 26, 2016 at 10:00 PM)Mark Heslep on How Fast Could the Market for Electric Vehicles Grow?
The plan is described by the architects as a loft, such that the main open space could be opened up entirely or, as is shown here, partitioned with casework for bedrooms.
Many big organizations, schools, colleges,and NGOs are taking initiatives to save trees for a betterfuture, clean air, and unpolluted environment, in short healthylife for living objects.One of the biggest initiatives to save trees is taken by IdeaCellular Ltd.
It is true that we need to cut trees for our daily needsbut cutting trees in such a furious way is leading towards adisaster. You might have noticed that as the number of trees isreducing; disasters are being continuously increasing, which isultimately leading into high death rate. If the use of paper will be minimized then we can save alarge number of trees from being cut, which leads into healthyand clean environment that is fresh air and healthy life.

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