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Energy minister Joan Ruddock has revealed that the Energy Saving Trust spent ?272,000 + VAT over the past 12 months on Google adwords – this is a form of advertising where organisations pay for their webpages to appear at the top and alongside certain web searches. It could be seen that paying to be top of Google is a key part of any communications campaign for the Energy Saving Trust, when they are informing the public about free insulation or the boiler scrapage programme, however, why are they paying to be top when a keyword search of the ‘Energy Saving Trust’ already places it there? At sust-it we spend a great deal of time trying to rank high within Google’s natural searches (unpaid for page rankings within search engines) as this is our lifeblood. And if an advertiser is looking to ride on the back of a Energy Saving Trust campaign, then they are probably going to be promoting some kind of energy efficient products or services, which they are supposed to be encouraging anyway.
As a former Search Engine Optimization specialist, I feel that it is not necessary to spend that amount of money on advertising, especially with Google. Please sign up to our FREE quarterly Newsletter – Watts News in the world of energy efficient products and reducing your energy bills. What’s more, nearly half of the energy used by the typical data center is spent on systems that provide the power and cooling to servers, storage and related equipment, while the cost of Google’s data center support equipment is less than 20 percent of its overall energy spend.

For common solutions that resellers can offer to help customers lower their energy bills, read on.
Graduation season is upon us -- and whether it's a Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 or a digital photo album, CRN has the perfect gadgets catalogued for graduates of all ages. The minister also admitted that DECC, the Department for Energy and Climate Change have spent over ?424,997.50 including VAT on other online advertising campaigns.
What you didn’t show in your screen shot is that at least 4 other sites are also appearing for their name. In my opinion, this is the only way to ensure your site appears in the first page of Googles results. According to the company, data centers developed by the company consume about half the energy of a trypical data center.
Click on this top sponsored link (which most people do) and you’ll be contributing to Google’s profits and UK deficit.

It’s common practice for brands to advertise on Google for their brand name, because in most cases, any site can bid on that keyword, and appear above their natural rankings. Energy Saving Trust could link to Sust-IT and vice versa, as the two sites are about being green and helping the environment then Google would percieve the EST site as a trustworthy source). We even spotted the Carbon Trust and the Energy Saving Trust trying to outbid themselves for certain keywords in 2009!
Alhough paying for sponsored links is a quicker method, but from a SEO point of view, it is not the nicest (in the Internet world, buying links is considered naughty).

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