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Increase the amount of insulation in your basement, attic, and ceiling; to reduce your total annual heating energy usage by up to 15%.
Have your heating system cleaned and serviced by a professional heating specialist before the start of the winter season. Avoid blocking heating vents with furniture, toys, appliances, or draperies; to keep your heating system working efficiently.
Install programmable setback thermostats; to automatically reduce and increase the heating temperature of your home at night and during the day. Install faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads and toilets; to reduce your water and energy usage. Update your old appliances and electronics especially if they are more than 15 years old with more energy efficient newer models. Plug your electronic devices, computers, and appliances into smart power strips, which save electrical energy by turning off your devices when they go into standby mode.

Be sure to regularly brush or vacuum your refrigerator coils; to keep your refrigerator working efficiently. Reverse the direction of airflow (clockwise) from your home ceiling fans; to redistribute warm air during the fall and winter. Plant trees and shrubs on the north and northwest sides of your home; to help protect your home from cold winter winds.
This house called as Active House is designed by Zagorodny Proekt Company in cooperation with the VELUX Groupto create a new standard for residential house construction in Russia, demonstrate that it is possible to build an energy-efficient house in Russia.
Unclean air filters will reduce the airflow and will increase the energy consumption of your heating system.
Reducing your thermostat settings by 5 - 10% while you are asleep or away from your home could reduce your annual heating costs by 3 - 5%.
Turning off devices which are in stand buy mode can reduce an average family’s home annual power consumption by up to 5%.

This house built based on principle of reaching a balance between energy saving, healthy indoor climate and care for the environment. The exterior using wood to give a natural elements to this house, while the interior has white clean color to express the contemporary design.
This house use a variety of energy sources(sun is the most used source) that integrated to the house design.

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