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Installing windows all day every day, gives them the experience needed to install your windows right. We have partnered with Atrium to provide beautiful vinyl windows, and THV Compozit for Compozit triple pane windows. Our partnership allows us to offer high quality windows at prices you would find at the box stores. If we can determine 25%+ estimated energy savings, the State of New Jersey will pay for up to $4,000! If your home qualifies for 20%+ energy savings, you may be eligible for 0% interest financing up to $10,000. If your home qualifies for 5-20% energy savings, you may be eligible for 0% interest financing up to $5,000. If you move forward with Green Energy Improvements for the energy efficient improvements, we will reimburse the energy audit fee.
New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) promotes increased energy efficiency and the use of clean, renewable sources of energy including solar, wind, geothermal, and sustainable biomass. Green Energy Improvements has been a participating contractor with the NJCEP for the past 5 years and we know the details of the Program well. New Jersey, including but not limited to Morris County, Union County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, and Bergen County.
It's time to start planning for the 2016 tax season now by being aware of which home improvements are recognized under energy tax credits. With this credit, you can claim 10% of the price of your eligible property, not including money spent on labor or installation. Homeowners are able to get a credit for 30% of the cost of alternative energy equipment installed in or on their homes.
The Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit is valid until 2016 and has no limit for most property types. When you utilize Turbo Tax to file your taxes you can eliminate the process of determining which forms you need to use. Frank EllisTraverse City Tax Preparation ExaminerFrank Ellis is a published author who has been writing tax and finance related articles for eight years.
It’s possible to save as much as 50% of the home energy you’re using, but not without some serious thought, some work around the house, and some monetary investment.

Click here to learn about Missouri Tax Deductions for Energy Audits & Home Efficiency Improvements. This plan begins with an evaluation of the economic returns of various energy-saving actions and retrofits, and then adds in your plans for painting, siding, remodeling, or additions, and considers your uses for attic and basement space. Click Here for Our Energy Audit Brochure to learn all the steps included in an energy audit and how Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling can help you reduce your energy usage by 50% of more. Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling is a leader in energy conservation throughout the heating and air conditioning industry. Financing Available – The available tax credits, rebates and loan programs make upgrading your system to Energy Star or Renewable Solar Energy more affordable than the less expensive, energy wasting systems. What to Expect When You Call Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling Professional Can Do Attitude – Our unrelenting commitment to quality and never-ending dedication to excellence in customer care and outstanding service has made us the #1 residential service provider in the Kansas City, MO Metro Area. Satisfaction Guarantee – We guarantee all repairs for 1 year and offer up to 10 year factory warranties on all installed equipment. Make your house (and wallet) happy with the KCP&L Home Performance Rebate with ENERGY STAR. You can earn rebates from KCP&L and federal tax credits for home improvements you may already be considering.
Purchasing the right windows and having them installed correctly is a critical task in ensuring a home is energy efficient. Whether you are installing windows for new construction, or the windows will be replacing outdated windows, our team will get the job done in a way you will approve.
Regardless of your budget we have windows that are both energy efficient, and visually appealing.
For both standard and custom windows, we have the solution for your home, at a price you can afford.
We can provide the services for the home energy test, and based on our cost effective and energy efficient recommendations, we can also provide the air sealing, insulation and installation of heating and cooling systems for your home.
The results for New Jersey are a stronger economy, less pollution, lower costs, and reduced demand for electricity.
Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any technical questions you may have or to schedule an energy audit. Towns in our service area include Westfield, Scotch Plains, Summit, Mountainside, Millburn, Short Hills, Cranford, Madison, Chatham, Warren, Springfield, Fanwood, South Orange, West Orange, Maplewood, New Providence, Watchung, Basking Ridge, Berkeley Heights, and Clark.

Energy saving home improvements that fall under the non-business energy property credit and the residential energy efficient property credit can help being energy efficient more affordable for homeowners.
Additionally, if your credit exceeds your tax liability the unused portion can be carried over until the next year. All you have to do is answer some simple questions and they will fill in the correct forms for you in addition to computing your taxes. Our owner has won awards and spoken at several national events about the importance of energy conservation and the benefits to our customers. Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling is the top geothermal ground source heat pump company and installed thousands of solar panels for residential and commercial use. Even if you have the most energy efficient windows on the market, improper installation will diminish the energy rating of that window. Energy Savers is a licensed and insured contractor staffed with a team of expert installers with years of on the job experience.
Plus with the many incentive programs, government tax credits, and other options available, we can help you install windows in your home at often a fraction of retail.
The New Jersey Clean Energy Program offers financial incentives, programs, and services for residential, commercial, and municipal customers. The Home Performance with Energy Star Program is a whole house approach to help reduce your utility costs as well as your carbon footprint. The only exception to this is the fuel cell property, which is limited to $500 for each one-half kilowatt of capacity of the property.
The energy auditor can help you set these priorities, and establish a weatherization plan based on your home and the way you live in it. Eric Kjelshus Energy Heating and Cooling is the #1 energy efficiency expert in Kansas City.

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