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Energy efficiency is not only pivotal for the environment: it is also a necessary condition for higher economic growth. The International Energy Agency, a Paris-based organization made up of 29 member states, has stated that improving energy efficiency could reduce global consumption of energy by one third over the course of the next four decades. By stimulating an open competition of ideas, crowdsourcing can play a central role in the development of new opportunities for energy efficiency. But this solution is also an attractive one for solvers: by entering an open innovation tournament, engineers are able to explore a wide field of solutions, with no restrictions to their creativity. Keeping up the pace with economic growth is fundamental for making a more sustainable use of our resources.

By reducing the amount of energy that we need to use in order to provide goods and services, we are able to lower costs while also cutting down our emissions.
In order to reach such goal, our approach to energy efficiency must combine cost-effectiveness and innovation. From the organizational point of view, it is a chance for companies to combine their internal quest for innovation with a creative and open environment where different processes emerge. This entrepreneurial path may take them down the road of incremental improvements or may lead them developing disruptive opportunities.
From appliances to construction, from manufacturing to transportation, energy efficiency is all around us.

That is why the concept of energy efficiency goes hand in hand with the idea of sustainable development. That is the beauty of crowdsourcing: it empowers all sorts of approaches because, at the end of the day, only an open approach to knowledge is able to truly elevate the quality of our solutions. That is why the idea of doing more with less will always be a priority for companies… and an opportunity for engineers.

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