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Designed to meet the growing global demand for energy-saving products, low carbon dioxide emissions and the optimal use of water resources, the Eco Kettle sets itself apart as a stylishly designed electric water kettle, allowing eco-conscious consumers to play simple yet vital roles in protecting and preserving the environment. The kettle can remain filled to the max, yet it allows users to boil between one and eight cups of water at a time, depending upon the amount desired. Pressing a simple ECO control knob on the kettle's lid releases the specific amount of water needed for each usage and reduces average boiling time by 90 seconds. The Eco Kettle naturally eliminates unnecessary waste of water, energy, time and even money, by helping to cut household electricity bills. Through a number of consumer studies, the Energy Saving Trust has determined that the Eco Kettle uses up to 30 percent less energy than standard kettles, meaning that if everyone in the UK (where the ECO kettle was invented) used an Eco Kettle, at least 1,270,000,000 KWh of electricity could be saved each year.
Since its market debut in 2005, 200,000 Eco Kettles have been sold worldwide, leading to an estimated CO2 savings of more than 1000 tons. To date, the ECO kettle is the only of its kind to be awarded the Energy Saving Trust's ''Recommended'' mark. Instead, the new ECO kettle introduces three new temperature settings: 80 degrees (ideal for specialty teas), 90 degrees (perfect for coffee) and 100 degrees (for a rolling boil).
When the selected temperature is reached, an alarm will sound and the ECO kettle will shut off automatically.
The fight between industrial need, with AustraliaA’s great 2 exports of coal and iron ore, and possibly the biggest natural wonder we have on Earth has been frantic. The worrying distribution of Atlantic puffin, the decrease in other seabird populations as their food supplies disappear, and the need for conservation as global warming bites A– they all need studies like this to discover how our wildlife is coping with change. When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. A good way to start saving energy, cut down emissions and save money at home is to start using energy efficient appliances. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust reckons the average household boils the kettle 1,500 every year, so an energy efficient kettle should be on the top of your Christmas list this year.
Of course, as well as using an eco-friendly kettle, remember to only boil as much water as you need or you’ll be wasting energy and money every time you brew up. So it’s important not to fill the kettle too much, but, let’s face it, when you’re busy it’s normally a pretty hit-and-miss affair – are you really using the right amount of water?
Most people think you need boiling water for the perfect brew, but actually a cup of green tea is best brewed at 80 Celsius, while a great coffee appreciates 90 degree water so this is a winning feature.

It all means that the Eco 3 Kettle uses 31% less energy than any other kettle on the market.
The Eco 2 Kettle Chrome – LD201A also uses the nifty Eco Kettle plunger mechanism to ensure you only boil exactly what you need. The Eco 2 Kettle White Standard – LD201A is the same as the other Eco 2 Kettle, but comes in a smart white finish. It’s got four temperature settings too – so you can get the water just right for the drink you’re making. And it doesn’t stop at that – the Bosch Styline White Kettle has an acoustic signal to let you know when your water’s ready and has a cool body so you won’t get burned. The Breville Hot Cup with Variable Dispense must be one of the fastest kettles out there – from 0 to boiling in just 40 seconds.
And what’s really cool is that you just need to pop your cup under the nozzle and it’ll do the filling for you. Phillips have produced a no-fuss, good looking temperature control kettle, which will help you make a great hot drink and save energy too. The one-cup indicator is handy as well and its flat heating element means it’s a fast boiler and easy to clean. A fast boiling kettle with 1.5 litre capacity, the Morphy Richards Black Intelliboil Jug Kettle has three energy-saving temperature settings. Philips have a great range of energy efficient kettles, and this one is no exception and great value as well. It’s flat element means it’s easy to clean and makes for a fast boil, and, like the other Philips kettles, has a anti-calc filter so you’ll get clean water for your brew.
And what’s more, to make sure your water’s nice and clean, it’s got a neat anti-calcium filter.
And last but not least, if you love the great outdoors, but can’t bear to be without your cuppa, then the Storm Kettle from The Eydon Kettle Company Limited is a must have.
Based on a traditional Irish water boiler, you simply fill the aluminium Storm Kettle with water, then light a small fire in its base – you can use anything from small twigs to cones or dry grass to keep it going.
It’s safe, durable, eco-friendly and light – the perfect present for hikers, campers, fishermen or anyone who loves being outdoors. And what’s more, if you buy the Storm Kettle you can also rustle up a quick meal using the Storm Cook Kit. About Green AbodeGreen Abode is about sharing green ideas, saving you money, eco friendly product reviews & deals.

So with this in mind plus an efficient kettle you’ll be saving money and helping the environment.
As well as heating up the right amount for you, it’ll also get your water to exactly the right heat with its cunning temperature selector. You can measure out as little as 200ml for a single cup, or boil up to 1.5 litres if needed. Like the other Eco Kettles, it uses just 2,200 Watts of power and comes with the Energy Saving Trust Recommended label, meaning you won’t find a more efficient kettle of its kind around. You can heat as little as 300ml of water (max capacity is 1.5 litres) and switches off as soon as it’s boiled. What’s more, it’s keep warm function means it’ll keep your water at the right heat for up to 30 minutes, lessening the need to re-boil and use more energy. The concealed heating element reduces limescale build-up, and there’s a removable limescale filter to boot.
The Philips Brushed Metal Eco Temperature Control Kettle has three temperature settings – 80, 90 and 100 degrees, so whether it’s a speciality tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, you’ll get it just right.
It’s got a 1.6 litre capacity and features the Phillips anti-calc filter to make sure you get nice clean water. It’s got a handy one-cup water window and an illuminated water gauge so you can easily fill the kettle to the correct level. The Philips HD4656 has a 1.7 litre capacity and an easy-to-read one cup indicator and water level gauge. The gauge is repeated on both sides, making it even easier to use, and the kettle has plenty of other handy features – it’s got a cordless pirouette base and a hinged lid to make it easy to fill. The water in the kettle’s double skin heats up quickly from the rising heat, and it boils effectively on even the windiest, wettest days. The original version has a decent 1.5 litre capacity, while there’s also smaller and larger models. They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea. The cordless 360 degree base is simple to use and there’s a cord winder too so it stores nice and neatly.

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