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Offering quick and easy connection of lighting within a fixed wiring installation, the VITM6a€‘ROSE can be used when there is a need to take power and a dimming signal from a conduit box.
KNX standard defines how devices should communicate with each other, allowing systems to use components from any manufacturer. The Minus30 range is specifically designed to control lighting in extreme low temperature environments, saving energy and up to 40% on utility costs. CP Electronics is a world leader in helping organisations to achieve their energy consumption objectives. Our energy management products can help organisations comply with legislation such as the UK's Part L Regulations and reduce the impact of taxation like the Climate Change Levy.
Our products are available from a wide range of distributors and contractors throughout the UK. Our market leading expertise can help you and your customers reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills at the same time. Our high quality energy saving controls are all manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2008 standard and carry the CE mark where relevant. Whether you are an architect, specifier, building services manager, contractor or facilities manager we're here to ensure you get the right energy saving control product to make your project a success. CP Electronics' energy management products can help you comply with Part L of the Building Regulations and reduce the impact of the Climate Change Levy.
DANLERS Limited design and manufacture a range of Energy Saving Lighting Controls and Controls for Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC).
ControlZAPP is the innovative lighting controls range with the ability to change function at pre-defined times to maximise energy whilst ensuring saving and security. LIGHTING CONTROLS FOR INDOOR USE: PIR Occupancy Switches, PIR absence switches, Daylight linked dimming controls, Photocell switches, Microwave movement detector switches, Time lag switches, Radio remote control receivers and wire free senders, Dimmer switches etc. LIGHTING CONTROLS FOR OUTDOOR USE: PIR Occupancy switches, Photocell switches, time lag switches, Outdoor security switches, Radio remote control receivers and wire free senders etc. LOW VOLTAGE LIGHTING CONTROLS Many of DANLERS lighting controls can be manufactured with contacts to suit low voltage applications. LIGHTING CONTROLS FOR OEMS DANLERS can manufacture lighting controls for Original Equipment Manufacturers to integrate in their own equipment. VENTILATION CONTROLS PIR Thermostat controls, Time lag switches, Multi selectable time out switches etc. AIR CONDITIONING CONTROLS Fan speed control, PIR Thermostat controls, Time lag switches, Air conditioning time on switches etc. LED LIGHTING CONTROLS Many of DANLERS lighting controls are suitable for switching LED lamps and fittings.

The HBS is a boost switch for the control of heating, lighting and ventilation.  Our stylish boost switch, while being easy to install and simple to use, delivers energy saving control for electric loads, such as electric heaters or heated towel rails by automatically switching off the load ensuring it is not left on, wasting energy and money.
A voltage-free 10A relay output is switched on for a configurable time period (from 1 to 9 hours) after a delay period has elapsed (from 0 to 99 hours), thus enabling plant equipment to be automatically activated at the correct time in the future without any user being present.
The Heater Boost Switch is an extremely user-friendly device with fully adjustable timings for each extension (in steps of 1 hour), which can be quickly and easily adjusted via the touch-sensitive pushbuttons.
Customised and bespoke variations can be manufactured to your specific requirements please contact us to discuss your requirements. A 35mm surface-mounted British Standard pattress box, ideal for use when retrofitting our ranges of wall mounted extension timers, humidistats and time delay switches. The Smart LCM Lighting Control System allows the user to combine Lighting Control Modules (LCM) and Thorlux lighting control components with plug together wiring. Smart Sensors monitor the ambient light in the area and control the light output of the group of luminaires to suit the conditions. LCMs can be linked together using Motionline to control multiple groups of luminaires in large areas.
The Lighting Control Module controls timed dimming and switching of connected luminaires, reacting to signals provided by sensors (Smart Pods), wall switches, range extension PIRs etc. Any number of retractive switches can be connected to the Smart LCM to provide group dimming control of connected luminaires. When controlled via the switch all the luminaires will initially synchronise to the same lighting level which can then be varied from 100% to 1% (some ballasts are limited to 10%) and off.
A range of parameters can be programmed allowing Smart LCM to be used in a wide range of applications including schools, hospitals and large offices. Each Smart Pod can be individually programmed ensuring that the lighting installation is tailored not only to meet the needs of the users but to also maximise energy savings.
Monitoring information can be read back from each Smart Pod independently using the Smart Programmer providing valuable maintenance and energy usage data. For over thirty-five years our design team have stretched what is technologically possible.
DFx Controls are used throughout the world to manage temperature control systems and maximise energy efficiency.
RemSense® comprises a suite of remote sensing technologies that can control, monitor and diagnose problems with systems anywhere in the world. DFx Technology offers a bespoke design service for projects with a total manufacturing value in excess of £1M. The E925 offers a calibration-free, high quality contemporary solution to humidity control.

Utilising a high accuracy humidity sensor the E925 regulates to a fully adjustable relative humidity set-point between 5% and 95%, combined with an adjustable relative humidity hysteresis (differential) of anything between 1% and 10%.
Loads of up to 10A such as ventilation, extraction, humidification and dehumidification equipment can be controlled by the humidistat via its volt-free relay output.
The E925 is supplied as a wall mounted unit that is designed to fit into a British Standard electrical back box. A 25mm surface-mounted British Standard pattress box, ideal for use when retrofitting our ranges of wall mounted extension timers, humidistats and time delay switches. A thermistor potted in an aluminium enclosure and supplied with 500mm flying leads.  Designed to fit into the immersion pocket accessories MSD-170 and MSD-171 this sensor is used for measuring water temperatures in pipes and tanks.
We benefit from over 40 years in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge energy saving controls for heating, lighting and ventilation. Click here to find a stockist online, or call us on +44 (0)333 900 0671 for UK and International enquiries.
CP Electronics has been a leading designer and manufacturer in the field of lighting, heating and ventilation control for over 40 years. Programmable by Android phone or tablet (4.3 or later) via Bluetooth Smart so there is no need to purchase expensive hand sets. DANLERS also manufacture a range of dimmer switches suitable for controlling LED lamps and fittings including Leading edge, Trailing edge and 1-10V variants. The unit’s automatic power saving mode will dim the LED displays after the unit has been inactive for two minutes.
To meet the needs of individual users, or the requirements of the space, each sensor's factory default settings can be altered using the Smart Programmer. Smart LCM turns luminaires on when movement is detected and keeps them on whilst the room is occupied. This has resulted in numerous firsts, millions of shipped products and the growth of our company into a global player. It utilises a high-accuracy humidity sensor in conjunction with its robust die-cast aluminium case and tamperproof screws to ensure vandal-resistant yet accurate tamperproof energy control. The unit is supplied as a wall mounted unit that is designed to fit into a British Standard electrical back box.
The HBS is a simple yet powerful control which will manage a wide variety of devices when they are unmanned or require a temporary override to their regular control schedule.

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