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We are often told about ways we can save energy in our home and make our home more energy efficient by spending lots of money on insulation, new appliances in the kitchen and other expensive ideas. When it comes to heating your home, go easy on the dial, turning your thermostat down by just 1oc could save you around ?65 a year on your energy bill and chances are you won’t notice 1oc here and there. As the nights draw in, draw your curtains to shut the night while keeping the heat in, if you have longer curtains tuck them behind the radiator otherwise the curtains will force the heat straight out the window.
You will find that a shower is quicker than a bath and it’s cheaper too as you are using less energy and if you notice a leak in your bathroom fix it, you will be amazed at how much water you are paying for and not using.
As your parents probably nagged you as a teenager, it is important to turn off the lights as you leave a room, the same goes for a TV, don’t leave it on stand-by, turn it off and you could notice a ?37 a year drop in your energy bills. When you are cooking try to leave lids on pans as this will keep the heat in, only boil as much water as you need, toast bread in a toaster instead of under the grill and use the pan that fits the food and the hob that fits the pan. When it comes to fridges and freezers it is very important that you don’t put hot food in a fridge, allow it to cool down or it will help the temperature inside the fridge rise and the fridge will have to use more energy to make the temperature lower again, regularly defrosting your freezer helps to improve the energy efficiency of the appliance and positioning the fridge and freezer away from the cooker is a good idea too. If you are washing clothes make sure you are washing a full load and use a low temperature, the washing will still come out just as clean but your energy bill will come out lower!
Our environment is suffering and our resources are depleting because we use too much of everything. Light bulbs: Use energy saving CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs) instead of the conventional incandescent light bulbs.

Take Showers, less Baths: Taking showers instead of baths will reduce water usage and also lower your heating bill. Turn Off all Appliances Not in Use: Turn off all lights, computers, and electronics when they are not in use. Take Advantage of Window Coverings A?a‚¬a€? During the winter when the sun is out, keep your blinds and curtains open so that the sun can heat the home.A‚A  At night, close them to block out the cold. These are just a few tips to help you save money on your winter utility bills and stay warm.A‚A  When the cold weather rolls in, know that with a few simple steps you will be able to preserve the heat in your home that you are ultimately paying for. Any information can be placed in the sidebar to help your website visitors navigate your site. We are a family run business based in Sutton Surrey, offering a friendly yet professional service, covering South London and Surrey. Shine Electrics specialises in energy saving lighting and we have a wide range of energy saving lighting to offer you which could save you a considerable amount of your monthly electricity bills.
Our range of lighting is extensive, please contact us for an estimate and we will bring round our full range of lighting. Please go and visit the trade sites below to read our customer reviews and comments, below are some recent comments made from our customers. These ideas are very good and do help lower your energy bill but in this article we recommend some top energy saving tips that will cost you nothing at all!

Although CFLs cost 3-5 times as much as the incandescent light bulb, CFLs only use one-quarter of the electricity and lasts years longer. We have been in Business since 1985, we offer a full domestic, commercial and industrial service. An energy-saving light bulb produces the same amount of light at 13-18w as the more traditional 60w bulb. If you follow one or all of the tips below, you can actually see real savings on your energy bill. Each CFL bulb contains 5mg of mercury so you will have an extra item to sort in the recycling bin. Follow some of these tips to help make the environment better for our future generations and save money at the same time.

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