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As earth suffocates by man?s mercenary actions, this poster is to engage youths worldwide to address environmental issues in an evergreen way. Approaching summer, the air is gradually becoming the main character, require frequent opening and long run, the resulting high power consumption naturally become the biggest headache for consumers.
Mainly in three different aspects, whippersnappers have got the tendency to either do nothing or to act upon existing awareness. This specially designed poster highlights the fact that the ?Earth Is On Energy Saving Mode?

This question might leave the rest pondering the actually reason water is wasted in gallons in many parts of the world while on the other hand denizens in poorer countries suffer from lack of water. Bicycles have been things of the past but to bring a change in the environment, it is vital to use it as our mode of transport. As we reduce the air pollution, reuse items that are in good condition and recycle waste materials in the proper way, earth would definitely be a better place. In a nutshell, it is not enough if a pretty little poster is designed to show how we can save the resources on earth, it is not sufficient to use energy saving bulbs alone if we do waste energy at other times, we must be all rounder?s who save energy, water and all the resources we have.

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