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Here’s an easy way to save money on your monthly heating bills, simply replace your old thermostat for a new programmable one.
Programmable thermostats allow you to preset different programmable settings for different times of the day and different days of the week. Before you start to remove your old thermostat turn off the power to your furnace and air conditioning by flipping the breaker in the breaker box.
Disconnect the front of your new thermostat from the base, this is usually accomplish simply by unsnapping it.
Now this is where marking the wires will have been very handy, remove the tape from each wire one at a time well attaching it to the proper terminal on the base of the new programmable thermostat.
Now it’s time to turn your power back on by flipping the breakers in your service box, and test the new thermostats functions.
If you have more than one heating and air-conditioning system in your home then installing programmable thermostats on both systems will mean more energy savings.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. EHE is here to give you the straight-forward, expert advice that you need, on all aspects of high-quality electric heating. Our electric radiators are of the highest quality that you will find, and they represent excellent value too. Whatever your situation, it’s likely that we have supplied customers before who had the same requirement.
Whether you are replacing some old storage heaters, or looking for an affordable alternative to a gas, or oil-fired installation, we will take you through the process in an easily understandable and unpressured way. We never insist on a site-survey, as it’s simply not necessary when it comes to electric heating.
Uniquely, the German-built Economiser Electric Radiator comes equipped with wireless programmable control as standard, which is recommended by The Energy Saving Trust. At EHE we believe in supplying a quality of service to match the excellent quality of our products. This page hasn’t been scraped from the internet, and there is no cut copy and paste going on. Every degree you cutback over an eight hour period will save you 1% on your heating bill and of course this can add up to hundreds of dollars every year. Program in the day the start and end times and the temperature desired for that time period your thermostat does the rest. In order for your thermostat to get a correct reading it should be away from anything that could adversely affect the temperature such as sunlight or drafts etc. Another quick tip is to wrap the wires around a pencil when they’re disconnected to keep them from falling back into the wall. Position the base against the wall with the wires protruding through the allotted opening, small level to line it up properly and mark the screw holes with a pencil. If the connections don’t match consult your instruction manual with the new programmable thermostat.

Make sure both heating and air-conditioning will turn on when the thermostat is used in manual operation. Programmable thermostats allow you to have a very comfortable home while at the same time increase your energy efficiency. The Italian-made Vantage Thermodynamic Radiator is the only one of it’s type to feature an all-aluminium construction, with no plastic panels. We don’t need to survey your property, but it’s important that we specify the correct radiators.
Most people choose based on personal preference of styling, the control type, and their budget. What I’m going to do here is list all the best real life practical energy saving tips that can save you money running your home, and typically that will mean learning how to cut fuel costs here or there.
Always look for the energy star logo to make sure it meets the energy efficiency standards set by the EPA. If those conditions do exist you do want to talk to your heating and air-conditioning professional about moving your thermostat to a better location. Install new batteries into the control unit of the programmable thermostats and snap the face back onto the base of the thermostat that is attached to the wall. Among our regular customers are homeowners, landlords, developers, electricians, property managers and housing associations. Once you remove the plate from the wall take little pieces of tape and mark the wires where they’re connected to the plate terminals such as R-G-Y and W, this will help you remember where to put the wires when hooking up the new programmable thermostats. Feed the wires back through the base opening and attach the base to the wall with the screws that will be provided.
If you need any help with your installation, or setting up your electric heating, we are just a phone call away. With specialist heating software, and just a few details from you, we can calculate what you require, and deliver a fully guaranteed electric heating system in just 48 hours. Because there is no standard color coding this is a very important step to make sure your furnace and air conditioning system will work properly when you hook the new programmable thermostat up.
As it turned out he was a retired heating engineer, and after an hour of bone crunching detail about every aspect of home heating I was enlightened.
After programming the thermostat to 20?C ( 68F ) which I find about right, you can place it in various locations in the house at will, obviously you can’t do that with a fixed unit. Consider using a clothes airer instead, place the clothes horse close but not too close so that some radiant heat dries your clothing, and the majority of heat warms the house. Remember keeping warm is actually the primary function of your heating, not as a cripplingly expensive drying machine.
The reason this works is because the heat produced at the back of the radiator is reflected between the foil and the radiator itself and not absorbed into the brickwork at the rear of your radiator as readily.

For example, this would mean that a small bedroom radiator that’s not in use can be set to a lower temperature, thus redirecting valuable heat elsewhere. In this situation they will fight for dominance over the heating controls, and if you have a smart thermostat or wireless thermostat, this is the equivalent of a monkey and a scientist fighting in a sack, with a hammer, about who controls your heating. Not clever.Just to complicate things further, sometimes obstacles like the boxing in of pipework or decorative enclosed radiator covers corrupt the internal control of the valve as well. So as you have probably worked out I’m not always an advocate of fitting thermostatic radiator valves, so if you are thinking of retro fitting them I would think again. I can literally feel the air change to slightly damp on the skin of my face, and nearly always the tenant or homeowner is totally oblivious to it.
Damp air makes things damp, damp things feel cold and conduct the cold better, damp air makes the house more expensive to heat. It’s so simple to use, plug in the power meter, plug in the appliance you want to test, and read the results. If you are reluctant to make further inroads into the land of energy saving bulbs though I would ask you to think again, or at least compromise a little, a few simple swaps and you could save ?20 per year, every year.
I totally agree that previous incarnations have been slow to start, non dimmable, and dull. Unless you are 17 years old this may not be what you actually see when it’s switched on though. This is important, most often the cheap bulbs have a very wide spread making a powerful LED seem dull in comparison. Obviously apart from topping up the loft insulation and installing draught excluders this could get very expensive, especially if you’re talking double glazing, cavity wall, or external insulation to walls.
There are other sources of heat available though that can often be used as a supplement to turning the main central heating right down.Good examples of these would be Halogen heaters, PTC fan heaters, portable oil filled radiators, panel heaters and desiccant dehumidifiers, these will all supply a clean dry source of heat to take the chill off a room.
If you are in the market for a heater always seek out the lowest power consumption possible, often the peak figure is advertised as say 2000w when it’s running at full blast.
I searched really hard too because I practise leaving the central heating on low by putting the wireless thermostat on top of the radiator when I’m at work in the coldest parts of winter. What I can tell you is that over the past 3 years when I have left the central heating on low instead of timer controlled, I have found virtually no difference, but with a slight leaning to a saving money by leaving it on low. The last winter of my test ( 2015 ) has been exceptionally mild however, which may have swayed the results, who knows?What can you and I conclude from this?Well if anyone tries to tell me one way or the other without a huge book of real world statistics and data from UK based tests over multiple similar winters to back them up, I wouldn’t believe them, neither should you.

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