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Project Energy Savers is excited to introduce energy saving tips playing cards that will help your clients conserve energy, save money, and have fun too!
Project Energy SaversPurveyors of high quality education and outreach materials since 2002.
Now, to his defense he does have 2 kids ( I have none) and his house is twice as big.  But as I told him that should mean at most a doubling of bills in comparison, not 5 times!
In speaking with him, it sounds like his biggest energy savings can be realized from actually programming the thermostat!  He mentioned that the thermostats are not programmed and when they go to bed (upstairs) the downstairs thermostat still cools the downstairs.  I told him he was basically just paying the power company money to cool a space nobody is in.  This is truly wasted energy! Finally, I mentioned he should pick up Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution--and How It Can Renew America by Thomas Friedman to understand where the future of clean tech is going. In order for global warming to not get out of control, until 2050, carbon dioxide emissions should be reduced by 50%. A simple calculation shows that for what consume one person in life, you need to burn 285 tons of coal (and hence result in other tones of CO2). If we disconnect computers from home when are not in use, we reduce their impact in terms of CO2 by 50%. Electronics (TV, internet connection, radio, mobile phone charger) consume energy even when are not in use. 18 to 20 degrees Celsius is sufficient for a healthy environment in the house – may be even lower temperature in unused rooms and bedrooms. While Nortek always tries to keep our customers as informed as possible on how to save energy in their home, we thought it would be a great idea to have a condensed list of 10 Easy Energy Saving Tips that anyone home owner can do to reduce their next utility bill. Turn Off The Lights– Yes, this is probably the first energy saving tip that most people think of, but the truth of the matter is that it is one of the easiest of our 10 easy energy saving tips. Install a Ceiling Fan– Ceiling fans are fantastic items to have in your home during those warm months when your air conditioner is running almost constantly.
Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water and Let Them Air Dry– This one is as simple as it reads. Upgrade Your Appliances– Did you know that appliances contribute to about 20% of a home’s energy usage? Insulate Your Hot Water– Insulating your water pipes in your home can reduce heat loss from hot water anywhere from 25-45 percent. Let Your Dishes Air Dry– While we strongly encourage using your dishwasher over washing dishes by hand, as it saves more water, we advise you to not use your dishwasher to dry your dishes.
Unplug Items Not In Use– Be sure to unplug the items in your home that consume a lot of energy when they are not in use, specifically your TV and stereo.

As global warming and climate change continues to be an important issue and an increasingly prevalent part of the American conversation, here’s a look at some of its main activists.
The International Window Film Association (IWFA), a nonprofit group of leading manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, created National Window Film Day to help raise awareness of the many benefits of window film. From California to Cairo, LED (Light-Emitting Diode) street lights are becoming the norm and resulting in money and energy savings.
Imagine if you could come up with an innovative idea to help stop climate change – and get paid $10,000 for it?
Made of reflective paint, tiles, or shingles, a cool roof can stay more than 30 percent cooler than a standard dark roof by reflecting more sunlight and absorbing less heat.
If you’re considering tinting your car windows, you probably know about some of the many benefits, such as reduction of heat and glare.
The largest economies in the world – a total of 16 nations – were ranked for their energy efficiency by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).
Each number card in this special deck contains an informative tip for saving energy in the home. Solar, wind and geothermal energy can respond to energy needs of the people, but not enough. On top of that, turning off lights that aren’t in use can save you up to 2% off of your next utility bill! During the summer, your fan can cool an individual room that would allow your air conditioner to run less than usual. Washing your clothes in cold water means less work for your hot water heater to keep the washing water warm.
Because they are such a large energy consumer, it’s a great idea to upgrade them to more energy efficient models.
While replacing your windows is a great way to fix these air leaks, it is also one of the least cost-effective methods. In a nutshell, a programmable thermostat allows your to set a schedule for your thermostat to adjust the temperature at any time of the day.
Your dishes will still dry properly if you turn off your dish washer’s drying setting if you allow them to air dry.
Even when these items are off, by having them plugged into the wall, it still draws energy out of the wall. If you have any more questions about what HVAC related energy saving tips you can take in your home, please never hesitate to contact our office with any HVAC related questions at (630) 548-1500.

So it’s good to know that there are now initiatives around the world that are building houses out of plastic water bottles.
They must be completed by responsible behavior of people – most economical and efficient. Since 2010, according to EU regulations for new electronics will be allowed only consuming of 1 W, which would lead to an annual consumption of 8.5 kW. Keeping jugs of water in your fridge can actually help retain the cold air your refrigerator generates. Also, letting your clothes air dry eliminates the use of your dryer, saving a lot of energy costs for you. Be sure to look into Energy Star models when considering what models to purchase for your home. Instead of replacing your windows, we recommend using caulk or weather stripping around your windows to help plug these air leaks. This will allow you to use your furnace and air conditioner less while you’re at work or are sleeping.
Therefore, each of us can contribute to slowing climate change which we are increasingly cautioned. This considering that in 2000, in the 15 EU countries, due to the standby system, have been lost a total of 94 billion kW (consumption equivalent of 12 plants based on nuclear power plants or coal). Did you know if you change the spin cycle of your fan to clockwise that it can redirect the warm air back towards the ground, retaining the heat your furnace has created? And even the smallest changes in our habits can be accumulate to significantly reduce of carbon dioxide emissions.
With each degree that you dropped in your room, save six percent of energy consumed for home.
Any of us could reduce energy consumption by at least 25% just by purchasing energy efficient appliances.
The new generation of appliances with low power consumption, lower consumption rate by 50% (class A +, A + +).

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