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Take Advantage of Window Coverings A?a‚¬a€? During the winter when the sun is out, keep your blinds and curtains open so that the sun can heat the home.A‚A  At night, close them to block out the cold.
These are just a few tips to help you save money on your winter utility bills and stay warm.A‚A  When the cold weather rolls in, know that with a few simple steps you will be able to preserve the heat in your home that you are ultimately paying for.
Watch our new video to learn how your business can save energy and money in four easy steps, whether you  own or rent your business space. Cape Light Compact completed the energy efficiency plan for Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard for years 2016-2018. Did you know that your microwave uses two-thirds less energy than your stove?  Save time and money and nuke it! You can also minimize indoor heat by running the dishwasher or dryer at nighttime after 8PM when it’s cooler outside. Use natural light during the day and keep the light off.  Replace you light bulbs with energy efficient ones. Dinah has a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from California State University Fullerton. Elsewhere party manifestos have been drawn up to include possible “price freezes” for both household and business consumers. Energy UK, the trade association for the energy industry, believes that whilst a “price freeze” sounds attractive it will inevitably have an impact on the available funds to continue to build and renew power stations, which in turn may lead to an energy shortage, so this may not be the best solution in the long term. Install an Eco Shower Head – changing the type of shower head you have could save you up to ?75 per year on gas and up to ?90 per year on water consumption.

Change Your Lightbulbs – change your old traditional bulbs to energy saving ones, by swapping halogen spot lights with LED bulbs you could make a saving of up to ?60 per year. Installing Room Thermostats – these would enable you to control the temperatures of individual rooms, did you know that by turning down a thermostat by only 1°C you could save approx.
Insulate Your Loft – by insulating your loft space you will help to stop heat escaping.
Switching Off Appliances – most electrical appliances can be switched off at the plug socket without causing any problems to the appliance.
Stop Those Dripping Taps – a dripping tap could waste more than 5,500 litres of water over a year.
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Let’s just sit back and unwind!”  Here are some tips to help save you money while helping save the environment at the same time!
TV’s and other home electronics that you are not using.  You know that computer you’re looking at right now?  Turn it off and unplug it when you are not using it.
She is a Curator for Style Me Pretty Living, a Blogger at Earth911 and GMC Trade Secrets, and a member of Martha’s Circle. But for many of us our homes are becoming money-eating monsters with regard to fuel and heating costs.
Both in the political sense and in the growing concerns of householders who worry about facing huge heating bills.

If you have no insulation between the concrete flooring and the wooden floor try using rugs to help save some of the lost heat.
However, for satellite and digital equipment you need to check the instruction manual first.
More and more people are trying to make some form of energy saving, not just for the sake of the environment but so that they are able to afford their bills and although winter is on its way out there are still practises we can put in place now to help with energy saving.
It’s a topic that has certainly caused some heated debates, with different political parties advocating different approaches. Either way dripping taps are annoying and create waste, so make sure taps are turned off properly, if it still drips then replace the washer in the tap.
I really hope I can help save you money, make you greener and inspire you with my crafty makes.
Chimneys can be fitted with a draught excluder and skirting boards can be sealed using silicone. If it’s your hot taps that are dripping then you also run the risk of wasting the energy used to heat the water. Whilst the average costs of draught proofing your home could set you back ?160 the potential savings work out at approx ?75 per year, so in 2 years you will have recouped your initial outlay.

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