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Another way you can ensure that your plants are receive a deep, but not too intense watering is to put aquarium gravel that you can find at your local pet store above your soil. Like other things in your apartment, your garden requires some TLC in order to keep dust away. When you first start your indoor garden, you may have a tough time remembering which pots have what plants. You don’t need to have a garden or backyard anymore to plant your favorite fruits and veggies. There are many ways to make your apartment more eco-friendly, and one way is by re-using and re-purposing your household items. Referred to as “the largest livestock manure-to-energy project of its kind,” Roeslein Alternative Energy will begin producing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) this summer from nine Smithfield Foods’ hog farms in Missouri. Both economically and environmentally, the technology makes sense and can be replicated worldwide. Turning manure into energy isn’t the only transformation Roeslein Alternate Energy has in store for the Midwest. You can simply start freshening your apartment by purchasing flowers from your local grocery store.

It limits the amount of oxygen that your plant is able to take in, and can also attract pesky gnats and bacterial infections. Avoid this by writing the name of the plant on a sticky note or index card, and attach it to the pot or put it near your plant. Miracle-Gro’s Aerogarden allows you to plant fresh herbs, vegetables, flowers and salad greens in tight spaces. Many of the items that you are no longer using in your house can live a second life in your garden. When the project is completed, each year it will turn 850,000 tons of methane (which would otherwise go into the atmosphere and contribute to the greenhouse gases that cause global warming) into 2.2 billion cubic feet of RNG. Blake Boxley, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Smithfield Hog Production, explains, “This project will show how farmers can do more than produce food. Future plans involve restoring prairie grasslands to produce prairie grass biomass that will also be converted into energy along with the manure. Whether your apartment is in the heart of Manhattan or in a suburban area like Union County, New Jersey, having your own indoor garden can add a breath of fresh air to your residence.
Signs of overwatering your plant can include old and new leaves falling at the same time, mold growth on flowers, and mushy, rotten smelling roots.

If you want to get sophisticated and really be organized, you can paint the actual fruit, vegetable or plant onto a rock, like the example below. Phase one of the $120 million project began back in 2014 by creating covers for these manure lagoons. The prairie grass addition will double the project’s energy production and fund the transformation of marginal land into stretches of beautiful prairies filled with native wildlife. The covers keep methane gas from escaping into the atmosphere, keep the rain out, and as you can imagine, greatly improve the way the air smells! The hardier your plant is, the more flexibility you have in terms of lighting and temperature. Phase two is underway which involves technology that purifies the methane gas and then connects it to the natural gas pipeline. If you’re in a tight apartment, you can try to stack your plants against a small wall like this example below.

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