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A social media campaign developed for Energy Saving Trust in order to raise awareness about saving water. The user is able to map their face onto one of the characters, creating a personalised soaking they can share with their friends via Facebook and Twitter.
Cooker manufacturers are obviously keen to cooperate and gain some early ground, and the first of these to make it onto the list by acquiring certification was Rangemaster, who were quick to run a celebratory advertising campaign with the slogan "You could look at other range cookers but why waste your energy?". The goal is to make saving water fun while getting people to think about their personal water and energy consumption.

A nice opportunity for one-upmanship by Aga-Rangemaster, clearly, but their competitor GDHA, who manufacture under the Stoves, Belling and New World brands, were hot on their heels, and have just announced that it has become the first company to be approved and recommended across all three of their product categories - freestanding, built-in and range cooking.
Rangemaster's recommendation currently only applies to its core and extensive area of range cooking.Rigorous ProcedureThe Energy Saving Trust's recommendations procedure is rigorous, so it is no small achievement for either manufacturer. As Denver Hewlett, GDHA's chief executive, commented: "We are very proud of this achievement, and with three cooking brands and thousands of products it has been no small undertaking.
Our product and technical teams, led by Mark Baker our Head of research and Development, have worked alongside the Energy Saving Trust for the las two months, assisting them in the painstaking testing process.

To have this official endorsement of our products is a great reward for the months of hard work and research that have gone into creating products that are genuinely greener". Click here to read more about the Energy Saving Trust Recommended schemeA Good StartThe general move towards energy saving is of course laudable, and the effect of seeing their competitors gaining ground in this consumer-conscious area will hopefully alert other manufacturers to the advantages of building more energy-saving features into their cooking products.

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