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With a network of advice centres throughout Scotland, Home Energy Scotland’s expert advisors offer free, impartial advice to householders, community groups, private sector landlords, local authorities, housing associations and businesses. Advice is offered on energy saving, renewable energy, sustainable transport, waste prevention and more. You can get in touch with Home Energy Scotland for free by calling 0808 808 2282 or by requesting a call back. We can carry out a Home Energy Check over the phone to pin-point where you could save energy and money. We can tell you if your are eligible for financial support, benefit, incentives or even discounted energy rates you might not be aware of. Improve your home Find out more about making your home more energy efficient, and reducing your energy bills. Complete a Home Energy Check Giving your home a check up could help you to save ?250 a year. Get in touch Our advisors at Home Energy Scotland can give you free, expert and impartial advice. Call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 - Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm - or request a call back.
On average, our free Sustainable Transport Review helps to identify annual savings of over ?13,000.

By training your employees to become more efficient drivers, our fully subsidised FuelGood training could help save your organisation up to 15 per cent on fuel. Find out more about the benefits of switching to electric (including financial and tax incentives).
Our Buying an efficient vehicle tool can help allows you to compare vehicles so you can find the most efficient model, helping you to reduce your costs and carbon footprint. Travel planning measures, such as promoting car sharing, can help to promote more sustainable transport choices and benefit your business. The Energy Saving Trust is one of Scotland and the UK's leading organisations addressing the damaging effects of climate change. The more efficient your car, the more money you’ll save – drive down your motoring costs whilst reducing your carbon footprint. TomTom fleet management is being used in a pioneering driver education project operated by the Energy Saving Trust in Scotland. The project will see the sustainable energy charity work with four public sector organisations in a bid to improve fuel efficiency and emissions levels across their transport operations.
This will be achieved by using a combination of TomTom technology and the Energy Saving Trust’s Fuel Efficient Driver Training to positively influence driver behaviour. Fuel Efficient Driver Training is then provided to drivers and its effect is maximised through the use of TomTom technology.

To strengthen its drive for fleet efficiency, the Energy Saving Trust is also offering interest-free loans of up to £50,000 to businesses in Scotland which invest in technology or equipment aimed at making their transport operations greener. Glazing and steel fabrication specialist Craig & Buchanan has used one such loan in order to install TomTom fleet management technology across its vehicle fleet. The Energy Saving Trust would like to help businesses and home-owners to reduce their carbon footprint.
Interest-free loans of up to ?50,000 are currently available (funded by Transport Scotland) to help businesses buy items which will reduce transport costs such as electric and plugged-in hybrid vehicles, video and teleconference facilities, and vehicle efficiency devices. Interest-free loans of up to ?10,000 (provided by the Scottish Government) are also currently on offer to assist homeowners with the upfront costs of investing in all types of renewables systems. Fuel efficient driver training can be organised by calling any Energy Saving Scotland advice centre,’ he added. In addition to this, grants of up to ?1,250 for heat generating systems are also available.

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