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A while back, I wrote about how we were able to lower our utility bills with new appliances. So I thought I’d follow up on this cost savings strategy today and see just how well Energy Star appliances can work out for you.
As my personal story shows, if you’ve got aging appliances, performing an Energy Star upgrade could reduce your energy consumption by quite a lot. The Energy Star program began back in the nineties as a way to help consumers choose products that are more energy efficient. So how about we take a look at a few of these appliances and see how they score for energy efficiency? As Lowe’s points out, the refrigerator uses the most energy of our household appliances because it runs 24 hours a day.
As an example, replacing a five-year-old Frigidaire with a similar Energy Star model would cost $548, while the estimated yearly operating cost is $38. Looking at the specs for this Maytag dishwasher, I can see that it’s Energy Star compliant.
I read that an Energy Star clothes washer uses 40% less energy and up to 60% less water than its conventional counterparts. As an example, a Whirlpool Duet model is supposed to save you 73% water and 77% energy compared to a conventional model made before 2004. Just wanted to let you know that I have included this post in Buddy’s Extra Best post of the Week. A lot of energystar appliances now have rebates available in certain regions around the country as well. The only thing is that some of these Energy Star statistics have been called into question, can we really be sure of the data that is put on there?
Reduces trace pharmaceuticals from water and ice* (* Removes 98% of ibuprofen, atenolol, fluoxetine, progesterone and trimethoprim. You can save a lot of money on your energy bill by replacing your old appliances with Energy Star qualified appliances. You can save a lot of money on your energy bill if you replace your old appliances with Energy Star qualified appliances.
Refrigerators with the freezer on top typically use 10 to 25 percent less energy than refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom or side. LG Electronics produces many of the most energy-efficient Energy Star clothes washers that are currently available.
While Energy Star doesn't qualify clothes dryers, they do make recommendations as to which dryers are most energy efficient. The energy efficiency of central air conditioners is measured by a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. The Energy Star air conditioner models produced by Carrier Air Conditioning are among the most energy efficient.
Among the most energy efficient Energy Star room air conditioners is the Turbo Air TAS-09EH, which has an EER of 13.5 and a cooling capacity of 9000 BTUs per hour. If your current dishwasher was built before 1994, you may save energy and money by replacing it with an Energy Star model. For more energy-saving ideas, read Save Money and Energy with Home Window Tinting Film and How to Choose a Solar Energy System for Your Home.
Find practical tips for going green on a limited budget; how to reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills.
Learn the pros and cons of different types of windows, the various styles and latest trends. Learn how to complete a variety of window maintenance projects, including installing double-glazed units and removing broken glass.
Wireless home security systems have a lot to offer when compared to traditional hard-wired systems. Confused by all the options available when it comes to picking the right appliances for your kitchen remodel?
Energy codes and utility bills are making energy efficient lighting a must, even in today's spa-like baths. There are other reasons to replace appliances such as a kitchen remodel or a move into a new house, but use the above recommendations to think through your appliance replacement needs. Whirlpool has launched a new Energy Star® dryer that uses heat pump technology to help dry clothes, saving energy and eliminating the need for outside dryer venting. If you're building a new house, additional savings comes from not needing duct work and venting for a dryer since the dryer recirculates the air eliminating any outside venting.
Finally, this makes finding a location for a laundry pair much easier since installing duct work is not a concern. While dryers using some or all of this technology have been around in Europe for quite a while, European dryers also tend to be quite small. Energy Star has been around for over twenty years, but until now there has never been an Energy Star rating for dryers. For 50 plus years the West's leading builders have gathered at the PCBC for an informative and educational confab.
Did you know that Energy Star appliances have been around for a couple of decades, yet until recently, there has never been an Energy Star category for dryers.
Whirlpool received a Parade of Products award from the PCBC for its Whirlpool® HybridCare™ Heat Pump Dryer.

In order for a new home to earn the ENERGY STAR label it must undergo a process of inspections, testing, and verification in order to meet strict EPA requirements. Homes earning the ENERGY STAR label use 20-30 percent less energy than typical new homes, and even more when compared to most resale homes on the market today.
Together, families who purchased homes earning the ENERGY STAR label save more than $350 million each year on their utility bills. Should the time come to consider selling, the ENERGY STAR label will set the home apart as something better: a home of genuine quality, comfort, and efficiency. Speaking of Energy Star, Arizona Wholesale Supply offers a huge selection of Energy Star rated appliances. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Every appliance comes with at least two price tags: the purchase price and the cost of operating the product. If your clothes washer is over 10 years old, it could be costing you $180 on average annually.
An ENERGY STAR® qualified dehumidifier removes the same amount of moisture as a similarly-sized conventional unit, but uses 15% less energy, saving consumers more than $150 over its lifetime. ENERGY STAR® qualified clothes washers use 50% less water and 25% less energy.  Switching from a standard model, you could save $40 annually on your utility bill. Refrigerators that have earned the ENERGY STAR® are about 9% more energy efficient than models that meet the minimum federal energy efficiency standard. Switch to an ENERGY STAR® qualified clothes washer and saveChosing an ENERGY STAR® qualified washing machine could save you enough over its lifetime to pay for a dryer.
Earth Day 2016: Tips for an Efficient and Healthy HomeEarth Day 2016 is all about healthier and smarter homes, and chemical-free gardens.
Using kitchen, laundry and general household appliances that are ENERGY STAR®-qualified can help you save energy and money.  Take advantage of the calulators on this site to discover how much. The number of applicable ENERGY STAR® certified products sold from 2006 through 2015 at all U.S. The amount of electricity saved in kilowatt hours (kWh) in 2015 based on the number of applicable ENERGY STAR® certified products sold. The amount of money saved in 2015 based on the amount of electricity saved from the number of applicable ENERGY STAR® certified products sold. MSRP applies to the continental 48 United States and does not include such items as delivery, installation, installation accessories (i.e.
However, it's important to select the most energy efficient appliances to get the best savings.
To get the most energy efficient freezer, you should also avoid buying a refrigerator with an automatic ice maker or dispenser on the front.
Both of these Energy Star refrigerator models have 16.5 cubic feet of storage space and a top-mounted freezer.
To qualify for the Energy Star label, a clothes washer must be a top-loading or front-loading design with a capacity of more than 1.6 cubic feet.
They have a higher SEER rating than air conditioner models that aren't Energy Star qualified, making them about 14 percent more efficient than standard air conditioners.
Carrier's Infinity series central air conditioners have a two-stage scroll compressor and are available with a SEER rating of up to 21. If you need more cooling capacity for a larger room, the Turbo Air TAS-18EH has an EER of 13 and a cooling capacity of 18000 BTUs per hour. Dishwashers built before 1994 typically use 8 gallons more per cycle than today's Energy Star qualified dishwasher models.
These dishwashers use 180 kilowatt hours per year, use only 1.5 gallons of water per cycle and exceed NAECA standards by 159 percent. Find out how much insulation should be in an attic and get some tips about this easy upgrade. In general, the older they are the more water they use, and the more water they use, the higher the energy costs, because of the cost to heat the water. If you have a porcelain tub dishwasher which has no filterbasket, it's very likely a big energy user. That's a good clue that this has a traditional compressor that runs a long time at high speed to provide cooling and then shuts down for a long period.
Of course, consult your builder or designer, and count on the professionals at Arizona Wholesale Supply for all your appliance needs and more.
Check with your sales associate at Arizona Wholesale Supply for more information on this new product.
Evidently, there just wasn't enough difference in energy use among different dryer models to make a significant difference in operation costs. Dryers that shut off when they determine your clothes are dry rather than basing cycle termination on a specific run time will save energy.
Dryers that have a moisture sensing capability and shut down based on moisture in the drum, rather than time or heat sensing will save even more energy. Dryers that have reverse tumbling do a better job of separating the clothes which allows clothes to dry thoroughly and more quickly. Some dryers include redesigned drums and vanes that create more lift in the clothes and reduce drying time. For new homes or remodels work with your builder or design professional and make an appointment with the professionals at your nearest Arizona Wholesale Supply to learn more about Energy Star appliances.

It's a big surprise to many people, because dryers are one of the big energy users in household appliances.
Of course, you can learn more about this product from your Arizona Wholesale Supply account manager. Whether your builder uses Whirlpool or GE for standard appliance selections or even if you're building a custom home with luxury appliance brands, the experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply are going to be there for your new home professional.
They not only can help you save money on your utility bills but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ENERGY STAR® certified appliances help you save money on operating costs by reducing energy use while maintaining the performance you expect. It’s 5% more energy efficient and 15% more water efficient than non-qualified models. You'll get even greater savings by replacing your appliances if your current appliances are not Energy Star qualified. These models tend to use 14 to 20 percent more energy than models without these features. Sun Frost refrigerators are efficient enough for use with a solar power system or other low energy power system. They use 324 kilowatt hours per year, which is 30 percent below the federal NAECA standard. These dryer models are capable of turning off automatically when your clothes are dry, saving energy.
Energy Star qualified room air conditioners are typically about 10 percent more efficient than non-qualified models. Carrier's Performance series air conditioners offer a SEER rating up to 18, and their Comfort series is rated up to 17. If your current appliances are old energy hogs, you may be able to justify replacement for energy savings alone because the savings will pay for the replacement. Energy saving dishwashers are likely to have stainless or polystyrene tubs and often use a wash system with a filter basket vs. Most refrigerators today have smaller more efficient compressors that do not cycle on and off but slow down and speed up based on cooling demand. However, if you have no choice between fuel types consider one of the new heat pump dryers.
A major reason for no Energy Star rating for dryers is the lack of differentiation in energy usage on most full-sized dryers. After all, Arizona Wholesale Supply is Arizona's oldest, and leading builder supplier of major appliances, floor coverings, window treatments, and more. While appliances demand about 20% of your home’s energy, ENERGY STAR® qualified products use 10-50% less power and water than standard models. Sun Frost's Energy Star qualified RF-16 refrigerator model has 14.31 cubic feet of storage space, a top-mounted freezer and uses only 256 kilowatt hours per year.
Hotpoint's HTJ17, HTN17 and HTH17 refrigerator series, with 16.5 cubic feet of space and 324 kilowatt hours of yearly energy use, are tied with GE's energy-efficient refrigerator series.
If your washer is not Energy Star qualified, you may be able to save over $100 per year by replacing it with a new Energy Star washer. If you're put off by LG's higher up-front cost, there are other less expensive Energy Star washers you could buy. The energy efficiency of room air conditioners is measured by an energy-efficiency rating (EER) and their cooling capacity is measured in British thermal units (BTUs) per hour.
A less expensive energy efficient dishwasher is the Whirlpool GU3100XTV model, which uses 270 kilowatt hours per year, 4.8 gallons per cycle and exceeds NAECA minimum standards by 78 percent.
This applies more to washers, dishwashers, and refrigerators than it does to ranges, ovens, cooktops, and dryers.
The great news is that we’ve been experiencing at least 25% in cost savings since our decision to buy these energy-efficient appliances in late 2007. Refrigerators that are 16 to 20 cubic feet in size are typically much more efficient than larger models.
It uses 36 percent less energy than the federal National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) standard. The energy efficiency of clothes washers is measured using a modified energy factor (MEF) which measures the amount of energy needed to run the washer, to heat the wash water and run the dryer.
The combined cost of repair and potential energy savings of a new appliance make a compelling case for replacement. We'll continue to highlight products from the PCBC on this blog, so continue to check back often.
For any home improvement project or “green need,” look to The Home Depot for energy efficiency. There is also a water factor (WF) which determines how efficient the washer is in its water use. But ror those who can't wait, Whirlpool has included a 5500 watt heating element and a quick dry cycle.

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