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What People Say About Us"Just a quick thank you to you both and your respective teams for the various works last weekend at 50 Broadway. James Townsend MRICS, Helix Property Advisors"Thank you for the excellent work you have delivered so far.
There are two easy to fit retrofit solutions for lights which can be done. The first is LED spotlights in place of 50W tungsten halogen spotlights.
Get friendly with your energy or facilities manager, (whoever controls your Building Energy Management System). There are some easy wins which you can persuade top management to carry out on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and on the building fabric.
Finally, raising awareness and knowing that you can do something is a powerful motivational tool. More than a hundred tips to help families lower their utility bills and improve the safety of their homes. Project Energy SaversPurveyors of high quality education and outreach materials since 2002. My experience with Project Energy Savers was a positive one due to the great customer service. Home energy efficiency is something that doesn’t always seem to take priority in our lives. It is my understanding everything went off without a hitch and ran like a military operation. We have been very impressed with the level of focus and detail you have applied, as well as your strategic planning. Often people will come in to the office and switch on every light, because no one has really paid any attention to which switch operates which lights.

Label the switches with “turn off this light” stickers, and get everyone into the habit of switching off when they leave. The LEDs seem to cost a lot, but the cost and hassle of forever replacing blown lamps will quickly repay the outlay. The second easy retrofit solution is to use “T8 to T5” converters on the fluorescent lighting. However, common practice since the days of flared trousers was to keep it at 18 C all year round. Find out the times and set points they have, and see how, together you can shave off a few minutes here and there. There should be a “dead band” of from about 19 to 24 C where there is no heating or cooling. They are still using energy to provide you with displays like the clock, but are eating away at your energy bill.
Your flexibility and ability to change the date at short notice was also extremely appreciated.
By labeling switches with stick-on labels, it becomes clear which lights can be switched off on sunny days or when no-one is working in that area. If your IT department doesn’t allow this, get them to install an office wide centralised PC shutdown system such as “Nightwatchman”.
Some large organisations have Heating Policies given to every employee which state what the temperatures and times for heating & cooling are. One of the best campaigns was a local authority’s green team who would walk round after hours and place a chocolate bar reward and a card on a random workstation where everything was switched off. But, especially in the wake of the drought in California, home energy efficiency is one of the biggest efforts we can make in terms of sustainability.
Or if every American changed five of their most-used light fixtures with Energy Star products, it would save $8 billion per year in energy costs?

Occupancy sensors are particularly useful for toilets, where we have seen 80% reduction in lighting use. Also persuade the powers that be to install window interlocks on the air conditioning control system, so that, when the window is opened, the air con switches off. In the boiler room, make sure all pipework and valves are insulated using jackets with velcro fixings. Make sure all the other office equipment – printers, photocopiers, faxes, display TVs and projectors are set to energy saver mode.
Install variable speed drives on air handling unit fans and heating circulating pumps (big electricity savings here).
I want to put my negotiating skills, and intimate understanding of the market to work for you. Recommendations from ASHRAE give a range of temperatures and humidity accepted by the IT industry.
Giving you the keys after a purchase process that’s as smooth, enjoyable and stress free as possible for you is my goal.
Tiny stuff – phone and laptop chargers, desk-lamp transformers can all be switched off when not in use. If the budget will stretch, install condensing boilers and new control systems, and install heat recovery on ventilation air extracts. Clearly the closer to the top of the temperature range that can be reached, the less energy will be used in chilling plant.

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