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In today's world of economic stress, competition and tensions everyone needs a place to recharge.
In Vastu Shastra we have a lot of tips to do from which you can easily bring positive energy to your home. If there is any heavy material or thing in North East, East, or North then shift it to South West direction in your home.
In construction of your house building, do not use any material from any other building's material.

Restroom in North East direction or beneath stairs is not recommended because itA effects the health of people and also restricts wealth. If there is a big tree or something which restricts sun rays, try to make it like that so it should notA make any shadow. Electronic or any entertainment material should be in Soth East, West or North West corner. Qualities of persons like inner strength, calmness and positive energy tremendously help in fighting the challenges in the world.

Our home, which is our refuge every day can help us in regenerating positive energy and the principals of vastu shastra give us actionable items we could perform to bring energy in our homes.

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