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Chicagoans must determine: Will I add to my savings over the next year or should I switch back to ComEd? The PEA, which changes monthly, is a charge or credit of up to a half-cent (0.5 cents) per kwh. Tracking energy expenses may seem like a difficult task, but the Energy Cost Calculator can make this easy.
Many business owners are oblivious to energy consumption, and a calculator can be one of the fastest ways to determine your spending each month.This calculator will allow you to simply list all of the items in your business, and all of the calculations will be completed for you.

It will also show the items where the most energy is used and where you can make changes.The Energy Cost Calculator is Simple to Download and UseWhen you use this free calculator you can update and make changes at any time.
This will help you to adjust to the needs of your business.It is important that you do not skip any steps. Knowledge about consumption with the Energy Cost Calculator can prompt you to make some changes in the future.
This can help you to grow a strong business that has an awareness of energy consumption and the benefits of using green business tactics.Download: Energy Cost CalculatorNot what you were looking for?

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