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I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and many of my friends have camps with no electricity.
It's good to hear that you have a well functioning power solution for your camping.Your meassurements shows dramatically higher power use than other people have come up with. Yooperman_57 wrote:I ran the test for several nights and found the unit’s average power use was approximately 250 watts for an 8 hour period.
This has been a really good thread, we have togeather documented the PRS1's need for power very well. Yooperman_57 wrote: Since I have battery rated at 105ah (obvious over kill), I could theoretically get 17 nights, even with a 40% safety factor it would still be about 10 nights.2 weeks of sleep on a battery that cost under $100? Electrical power is invisible, depicted only by a bunch of technical phrases and therefore hard to grasp.
An easy and efficient way to turn of all your standby devices at once is to plug them into a multiple socket with a switch. To help everyone understand what's going on in his household we are renting out energy monitoring devices for free. This project is especially aimed at people that have never really paid any attention to their power consumption. Being a deer hunter and also a CPAP user I needed to find a solution so I could continue to hunt.
Is there a possibility that you have gotten something wrong here?Other people have meassured the same machine you have and have come up with a current draw of about 0.7 amps. Yes, it is entirely possible there was more power left in the battery, the 50% number just came from the intial reading off the charger's meter. I connected my multi-meter in series with the 12V cord to eliminate any loss through the power brick. For all of you, who want to bring some light into the dark, see what's going on in your household and save energy, we have an easy solution.
Hide the socket behind your cupboard and when your are going to bed you can turn everything off with a single flick of a switch.

We decided to buy easy to use high class models that will not only show you your usage in watt, but for a better understanding and motivation give you an instant feedback on the real costs and CO2 output. By renting out energy monitors for free, we hope to achieve a greater acknowledgment of what power costs, how much CO2 output it creates and how easy it is to save money without any real impairment. I’ve read lots of posts here that talk about various options for running a CPAP machine on battery power, but few offer many specifics. Sample Sleepyhead report with Oximetry and Zeo data Sample Oximetry reportThinking of quitting your therapy? I'm ordering a portable CPAP battery pack this weekend and will order the stuff for a marine deep cell battery too.
Rent our energy monitor for free (Germany only right now) and instantly see your power consumption, the money it will cost you and how much CO2 output it creates. Our devices are plug and play and with the click of a button will show all relevant details.
You can easily adjust this value by holding down the money symbol for 3 seconds and than in- or decrease the amount by pushing the CO2 and watt button. Each person renting one of our devices can keep it for a week and is asked to ship it to the next person on his own expenses (in Germany this will cost 1,90 Euro).
I hope my experience will help.I use a Phillips Respironics REMstar Auto A-flex 550P, set at 11cm of pressure.
My PRS1 only draws 30 watts average even with the humidifier running, so that number doesn't seem right.
This way we can keep shipping time to a minimum and maximize the impact a smart device like this one can have. After a lot of research I was unable to find any definitive data regarding the power usage of my machine.
If the rational behind my calculations are correct, the only place the error can be is in the power consumption measurement?Thanks for the info. If the rational behind my calculations are correct, the only place the error can be is in the power consumption measurement?Thanks for the info.Your calculations makes very good sense.

With the machine connected directly to a battery, the loss in the power brick is gone, so that will mean that it will use even less power from the battery. You can even plug multiple sockets into the adapter to see the combined power consumption of all devices plugged into the multiple socket.
Knowing that the heating element in the humidifier would draw way too much power for a battery application, I ran my power test with the humidifier removed from the unit, using the unit’s standard 120V AC to 12DC power supply.
My watt meter can show amps used in the moment and watts used in the moment, this is shown in watts and amp.
Turning it off during night will not only cut the costs in half, but help to slow down the continuously growing need for power implicated by our modern society. I'll try this with my own watt meter tonight.My charger only shows full charge, half charge or empty, so unless the battery is actually either full or empty, it shows 50%. While the commercially available portable CPAP power supplies were packaged nicely, most did didn’t have enough capacity to meet my needs and they are very expensive. I also considered several “jump start” units, but they are designed for starting loads, not “power” and again most don’t have enough capacity. It had been my intention to try this whole system out at home for a few nights before I went hunting. I used the machine for 25.5 hours over a 3 day period without recharging the battery and it worked flawlessly. When I got home and put the battery on the charger it showed that it still had about 50% of its charge left. My only concern there is that I am not sure how the CPAP’s electronics will react to low voltage as the battery charge declines.

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