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The taichi 42 step form is a combination of different Chinese martial arts which was developed by grandmaster Li De Yin in collaboration with the Chinese Sports Committee in the year 1989. Upon performing the taichi 42 step form you may notice that it is a combination of different taichi principles. Chen taiji practice is famous for its health benefits, mind relaxation, honing of internal and external martial arts skills,  and athletic purposes. Silk reeling chen taiji exercises help to increase the mobility of joints and wider range of motions. For the joints of trunk and upper extremities: revolving the shoulders, striking the shoulders from front to rear, left and right arm chan si, left and right arm spiraling chan si, double arms spiral chan si, double arms shun ni chan si, double arm diagonal opening and closing chan si, double arm straight spiral up chan si, double arm straight spiral down chan si, double arm straight spiral forward chan si, double arm straight spiral horizontal chan si, left and right elbow shun ni chan si, twisting the wrist left and right, double twisting wrists, left and right spiral punch, rotating the abdomen and kidneys, rotating the waist and spiraling the waist. For the joints of lower extremities: left and right knee spiral, double knee spiral, left and right chan si side kick, twisting the foot left and right and Golden Cock shakes its wings. Avoid unnecessary exercise regimen such as over stretching before starting chen taiji exercises. Qi Gong Exercises already existed in Chinese traditional medicine, philosophy and martial arts for more than 5000 years ago. There are four different methods of Qi Gong Exercises, but all of comprises different variations of physical and mental training rooted back from ancient Chinese philosophers. When undertaking the task of learning Tai Chi it seems so simple at first glance, but then the realization sets in – this is hard work, and boy oh boy does it ever take focus and understanding. Through Tai Chi meditation, you will get the mental gains of eliminating the stress in your inner core.
Tai Chi meditation is also known as movement meditation and this require you to move your inner self or chi throughout your body in order to reach out and get rid of stress.
Meditation is considered as one of the most effective ways to eliminate mental stress and physical stress. Tai Chi has been practiced for thousands of years and its main purpose is to direct your concentration into your body movements and align your thoughts with the center of your mind.
In the past, tai chi was taught exclusively by the Shaolin monks inside temples and monasteries, or by masters whose students went to their homes to train.
Tai chi has been recognized the world over as an alternative physical activity that causes the body to relax and the mind to focus. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese discipline with a holistic approach, that trains both the mind and body to be strong.
Tai Chi moves are characteristically slow and circular, as if you are holding a fragile object around you. You will soon realize the astonishingly calming effects of the exercises, and find out that you are stronger without getting strained.
Gone are the days that Tai Chi is used to fight against other people, although it can still be used for self-defense. People get caught up in a fast paced world, and they often choose fast-paced, repetitive exercises that leave them empty and tired at the end of the day.
It is not difficult to find out more about Tai Chi, you can try surfing through websites for references.
Some people get daunted when they hear Tai Chi, as it usually evokes pugilistic notions as seen in martial arts movies.
Tai Chi is a traditional form of martial arts from China, that has evolved today as a form of health regiment. If the results of a new study are to be believed, a few exercises of the mouth and tongue could be all it takes to stop snoring at night. A team of Brazilian and Colombian researchers has concluded that by using a technique of oropharyngeal mouth and tongue exercises, you could reduce snoring by 36% in frequency and 59% in intensity. Snoring is caused by vibrations of the tissues in the throat that relax during sleep and proceed to obstruct the pharynx. The team studied 39 volunteers, aged 46-59 and overweight (one of the risk factors for snoring). A 2009 study had previously revealed that oropharyngeal exercises could reduce symptoms related to sleep apnea, of which snoring is one of the most common symptoms. The detection of snoring that causes sleep apnea is important because this issue, often ignored, can potentially be the cause of cardiovascular problems. Enter your email address to subscribe to this Kualalumpurpost and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The movements from taichi 42 step form were derived from Yang, Wu, Chen and Sun Taijiquan principles combined with the standard Wushu. However the taichi 42 form can only be appropriate for martial artists since the movements are a bit complicated. Today although there are different forms of  taiji exercises which were developed by different martial artists and gurus, all of these were derived from the principles of the oldest and original chen taiji. Chen taiji’s teacher incorporates movements that emphasizes one or more of these benefits during training.
Examples are transition from fast and slow movements, tensed to relaxed muscles, expanded then contracted, opening and closing and soft to hard. It is composed of spiral movements that puts emphasis on waist connection, knee alignment, kua sinking, opening and closing of joints and the dantian rotation. You can wear those sexy body fitting garments as long as its not to tight or constrictive so that blood can flow naturally with your body.
Some individuals believe that it is ideal to over stretch the neck, joints in our thighs and arms, etc before a work out.
When the Qi (chi), which is a term for energy flow, life force, and force of energy, is imbalanced it will cause alterations physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
Unlike jogging or other forms of exercising wherein you are allowed to exhale and inhale anytime most specially when you feel tired, qi gong exercises are mostly controlled breathing. Chi gong exercises aims to normalize these important elements in the body: hormone, respiration, circulation and inflammatory responses. You can use the pictures in the book to make sure that you are following the steps properly and also study at any time.
It is important to keep in mind that reflecting and contemplating on the things that cause you stress can actually help remove it. Studios and schools will have courses cut out for you, depending on whether you want to learn tai chi as a self-defense, or as a form of relaxation, or to help you treat some medical conditions. This may be one of the most convenient ways to learn tai chi, but is also one of the least effectives. You can also learn tai chi from watching DVDs, but like reading books, it might not give you the total tai chi education. It basically involves performing a series of movements and positions in a gentle and flowing manner, as though the practitioner is dancing to a slow, fluid and seamless music. In ancient tai chi books, for example, the standing position is described as something like being suspended with a string from the top of one’s head. It can be accentuated by certain factors like sleeping on your back, alcohol or tobacco consumption, or surplus weight. They were split into two groups, the first undergoing a three-month treatment in the form of nasal dilator strips plus respiratory exercises and the second daily oropharyngeal exercises. The taichi 42 step form is amazing to watch in competitions or demonstrations however it is recommended to stick with traditional taichi exercises if aiming for health benefits.
But if you are really interested in learning taichi 42 step form, try to watch some videos first to give you a heads up of how it works.
Chen taiji exercises promote in balancing the flow of qi in our body, philosophers identify qi as the most important element in maintaining a strong and healthy mind and body. It was believed that these chen taiji exercises will train the 18 major joints of the body starting from our head to our ankles.
Qi gong exercises (pronounced as chee gong) helps in balancing the qi in the body by aligning the breathing patterns with movements and integration of meditation.
There are lots of worries and stresses your mind encounters and meditative training is a great way of freeing the minds from those elements. Qi gong exercises with integration of other traditional healing and treatment such as herbs supplements, acupuncture, chiropractics, and massage therapy.
Simple positions may seem easy but when your breathing pattern is controlled it requires lots of efforts. It is believed that chi gong exercises help to stabilize the chi in our body which helps in preventing anomalies like hypertension, insomnia and other diseases. Through meditation, our mind can rest and relax so that it can think of brighter ideas the next time you need to put your thinking caps on.
Many people have found that reading the books repeatedly keeps their mind focused on learning and makes the exercises much easier to perform.

While practicing this, your mind is entirely focused on your movements that are in control and in perfect alignment with each other.
For people who do not have the ability to sit still and reflect on the causes of their stress, it is recommended to try Tai Chi. In a way, you are sending your life force or chi to various parts of your body through movement, which gets rid of stress. With the advent of technology, you don’t even have to leave home to learn tai chi, although it is said that there is still nothing better than learning tai chi steps first hand from a qualified instructor. You can also observe how the classes are being conducted so you get a feel of it and decide if this is how you want to learn tai chi. Tai chi involves movements, and you have to see the movements actually performed for you to better appreciate them. There are principles behind the movements that you also need to be aware of, for a complete understanding of this ancient martial arts.
It is said that doing tai chi helps promote the body’s strength and flexibility, the mind’s ability to concentrate, and overall health.
The tai chi forms typically differ according to which of the thirteen tai chi principles they emphasize.
According to the National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects approximately 90 million American adults, 37 million of them on a regular basis. At the end of the three months, the patients had to submit to sleep tests to objectively measure their snoring. Before, many terms were given to qi gong exercises such as xing-qi (promoting the qi circulation), dao-yin (guiding the energy flow), fu-qi (taking qi), tui-na (exhaling and inhaling), zuo-chan (sitting meditation), jing-zuo (sitting still) and yang-shen (nourishing the spirit). These qi gong exercises involves different stances and positions of fluid movements that promotes the coordination of breathing and awareness. These qi gong exercises are similar to yoga poses wherein you have to hold your breath in a certain position for a couple of seconds then exhale slowly.
This type of qi gong exercises aim to empty the mind allowing the balancing of qi flow in meridian pathways. After assuming few stances of the chi gong exercises you will immediately notice sweat dripping all over your body.
But keep in mind that you should not only depend your health in qi gong exercises, you should also practice having a healthy lifestyle. Your brain will start learning the poses and your body will develop a natural flow as you practice the techniques. This control is due to the precise use of muscles in your torso, legs, arms and almost every body part.
If you want to learn tai chi but still can’t figure out how to start, you may want to explore the following options.
If you think you don’t have much time for learning tai chi, you will also be surprised to learn that some studios offer tai chi classes during lunch breaks, especially for busy, working people like you. If you want to go in this direction, it is recommended that you watch videos to supplement your reading. But all forms, and tai chi in general, are meant to hasten and promote the flow of life force or energy—referred to in ancient Chinese as Chi—into the body.
It involves graceful yet slow motion movements like imitating five animals, white crane and wild goose or martial arts poses.
These exercises are helpful to people with breathing problems like asthma, for it will strengthen their lung muscles. Even modern medicine encourages people to do tai chi, which has had success in treating certain medical conditions including muscle pains and arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, headaches, and Parkinson’s disease, among others. It is important that the practitioner learns to breathe properly so the Chi can flow into the body as well, and circulate to all body parts.
It has been praised as an effective exercise routine that strengthens the body, physically, emotionally and psychologically; a total holistic approach indeed.
These are not mere exercises, but also a celebration of life, of how wonderful it is to be part of the world.

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