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A woman who is dying of cancer has been denied potential treatment for the disease because the company that produces the drug says that it is still in clinical trials and has not been proven effective. The doctors treating Andrea Sloan, who is dying of ovarian cancer, say that her only chance of survival is a new class of cancer drugs called PARP inhibitors because she has tried every other treatment without success.
One version of this new type of drug, called BMN 673 is manufactured by the Californian pharmaceutical company BioMarin. Company spokesperson for BioMarin, Debra Charlesworth, said that BMN 673 is still at an early stage of development and it would be irresponsible and reckless to give the drug to patients. Charlesworth goes on to say that if the company did give the drug to a large group of patients without first testing it thoroughly, then they would be exposing an experimental drug to a large number of people which could result in disastrous consequences as has happened before. To help Sloan, an online petition for her case at change.org has received over 150,000 supporters and a PR firm is working for free to represent her to bring attention to her case.

Apparently DNA repair in cancer cells is prevented by the PARP inhibitors and the drug is thought to work especially well in patients with certain types of gene mutation. Levenback added that he is seeking compassionate use for Sloan because she doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements for her to participate in any open clinical trials of the PARP inhibitors. Previous: Did You Know It Costs Almost As Much To Pay For Ivy League Education as Locking up an Inmate in NYC?
The company presented data, earlier this year, which shows that initial results are encouraging for women with breast and ovarian cancer. Anderson Cancer Center, there are doses of BMN 673 that are just sitting on the shelves but she is not getting the drug.
She added that during testing of the drug, less than 30 patients had been given the drug so far.

She adds that since her diagnosis with ovarian cancer in 2007, her doctors have tried everything else to cure her, including chemotherapy and radiation treatment. He added that BioMarin is only conducting clinical trials in breast cancer patients and not ovarian cancer patients at the moment. Charles Levenback, said that Sloan is a great candidate for PARP inhibitors because she has a BRCA mutation.

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