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Herpes and condom risk in male: Although condom is must but it does not provide full protection against herpes. Psychological aspect of herpes: Newly diagnosed herpes patient may feel depress, anxious, guilty, they think they are the only one in the world they have herpes, we assure you that you are not. Is Herpes could infect other part of the human body: Yes, for example, If your partner has genital herpes and sit on your abdomen , you may get herpes on the contact area. Anal Herpes: You could also get herpes on anus, unprotected anal sex could contribute to this infection. 4)Could get tested to find out that one partner has positive asymptomatic herpes infection?
Herpes Treatment: We will take many elements into our consideration before initiating treatment. Our test specificity has been compared to western blot technique, highly specific to minimize false positive result. We have diagnosed many patients with herpes with just physical examination and patients was treated on the same day without even testing ( great saving for non-insured patients).
Penile base shaft and scrotum skin which do not get covered by rubber would make you expose to herpes sore.
When male sexual organ is fully penetrated you may get contacted with penile base and scrotum skin.

We frequently see patient with nonspecific test report from online lab vender without doctor evaluation or ordering the test with just adding to patient confusion. Not necessarily, most of oral region herpes infection is HSV-1 but it does not mean it can not infect other part of the body.
Herpes Type 1 is labial herpes but it could live on genital area or Type 2 is mostly genital but could infect oral. Upon our experience , unfortunately, many people won't inform their new partner about their herpes status till after getting intimate.
The best way is to ask your partner open ended questions prior to sex, such as :  "I have heard Herpes is very common , what do you think about it ? It is unlikely people walk around and tell to their friend, classmate, relative, co-worker that they have herpes. IgM will be negative in many patients who recently acquired herpes but have culture-document first episodes. IgM tests may cross-react with other viruses in the same family, such as varicella zoster virus (VZV) which causes chickenpox or cytomegalovirus (CMV) which causes mono, meaning that positive results may be misleading. IgM has short life so there is small window period that appears and disappear , so person could have been infected with herpes and get negative IgM . Patients are often emotional and we understand this well and would try our best to answer all the specific detail questions.

In other words, herpes type 1 commonly infect labial area but you could get herpes type 1 on your genital as well.
If you have type 1 herpes with recurrent cold sores and you perform oral sex on your partner then your partner could develop genital herpes with type 1. Do not ask directly such as " Do you have herpes ?" Always be gentle and start slow on STD conversation then you could ask harder questions. Unfortunately there are various pharmaceutical companies try to advertise their product and some are not as effective as described and some are Non-FDA approved.
Herpes could infect different part of the body and not just sexual organ following is the example of herpes on eyelid. HIV will easily infect those immune cells so if vaginal fluid, oral fluid , blood, semen comes in contact with herpes sores then it could infect the patient with HIV. Due to our clinical experience first episode of herpes is the most important one for long-term treatment and suppression.

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