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Join 100+ clinic members on your journey to health, weight-loss, vitality and happier living! Green juicing pumps essential nutrients directly INTO your body and gets OUT the fat and the waste and other unmentionables!
You are sick and tired of “Diet of the Day”, pills and supplements and what have you! You feel you are doing the right things for your health but you don’t see results yet! You have had some recent “health issues” and want to take better care of yourself! You are a tad apprehensive about the whole “juicing” thing but wanna find out more! Oh and the clinic is perfect for you whether you are a total beginner to juicing or intermediate to advanced and either want some company or are in a total rut and need to get back on the juicing bandwagon, ideally with some friendly support!
Every new member gets a super welcome and we immediately find out how we can help you on your juicing by finding out more about you.
Green juices is the best and fastest way to come back to a natural state of health and vitality.
Green juices restoreA your total body and mind by getting RID of waste – you do NOT want to know how much waste your body likes to store deep in your intestines and guts.
So yes, this is a lively fun and super supportive community, plus you get 21 awesome juicing lessons (more juicing details below!) and start to learn how to make juicing a good habit in your life with tips, insights, creative recipes, and community love & support.
Lifetime Membership Access: You will have lifetime access to the 21 lessons, 42 (and growing) new recipes, my Comprehensive Green Juicing book, a Juice Fast Guide, exclusive juicy interviews, 400+ conversations in the member area, our private Facebook Group, and the priceless community support to keep you going on your journey.
Audio Lessons: You will have 7 audio lessons to play on the go where I teach you more in-depth topics around green juicing and long-term commitment, and give you tools and systems to keep you going. Text Lessons: You will have 7 blog-post format lessons with smart and creative Green Juicing recipes, ideas and ways to integrate it into your life, travels, work, etc, and so much more!
I am not offering this deal for much longer and you can get lifetime membership at no risk today with my money-back guarantee.
Do you know the hours and hours of time that you are going to save by NOT going to the doctor’s office, NOT going to the pharmacy to get cough medicine, NOT staying in bed because you will be getting healthier and stronger. Then think about the money, the healthcare cost of going to a doctor for a visit, buying medicine, and maybe involving others to take care of you at their expense.
The juicing clinic is for you if you want to invest in your health and stay AND feel young and healthy as long as possible. And in March 2013 my latest book, the Healthy Juicer’s Bible, came outA with Skyhorse Publishing. More than that, however, I want the satisfaction of everyone who comes in touch with the Prolific Living brands.
I know this is a tremendous step into for you to take, especially if you are brand new to green juicing. Your body will LOVE you even if you juice a few times and just soak up the lessons and the love. How fast your ankle heals totally depends on how bad the injury is…its that simple no matter what anybody says. If you feel unstable, like if you take a step your ankle will collapse under you then you need to see an orthopedic doctor right away…you have structural damage that needs to be dealt with before starting any rehab program. If you feel stable, meaning that it hurts but you don’t feel like you are in danger of falling with your next step, then you need to go to the next question which is….
Take a look at the pictures below and choose the one that looks like the way that you sprained your ankle. The good news is that if you have an inversion sprain, you can most likely start rehab right now! You don’t have to wait weeks for your ankle to heal only to be saddled with a sore ankle that keeps you from living life without pain. You don’t have to be a human weatherman that can tell when the next storm is coming in! Realistically, you can expect 80-85% of what you were before the injury and a 100% bullet proof ankle within a week and a half or so.
It just takes time for the muscles to get stronger to support your ankle, to break down scar tissue, restore range of motion and heal damaged nerves. As you can imagine I got good at rehabbing sprained ankles, but the problem was that nothing was working long-term. My ankles were floppy and my nerves were damaged which destroyed my playing time and killed my career. A newbie, fresh-out-of-school physical therapist suggested that I try something that he had been working on…it was a little weird and definitely not mainstream thinking, but I needed a breakthrough so I was willing to give anything a shot.

To make a long story short, I walked into the doctors office on crutches and less than 3 hours later I walked out carrying my crutches with very little pain! In addition to the little trick that he had me use to reduce swelling and pain in my ankle fast, I added the strengthening exercises I had learned and he suggested a few things that turbo charged the results.
I recovered from my ankle sprain in less than 7 days ( I actually started practicing 3 days after my injury) and was able to play in the next game. Together with my newbie physical therapist, I had discovered the truly ninja way to rehab a sprained ankle in the fastest time possible. So why is my way better than other ways to rehab a sprained ankle and will it work for you? Take a look at what others who have purchased the program have said on the right side of the page. My program is better because it can be done easily, with very little training in just 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night.
If you can’ t walk and chew gum at the same time, you can do these exercises and get the results you demand.
Other rehab programs being offered on the internet brag about no equipment required to do their program. The program that I offer uses equipment to get you to your goal faster and with outstanding long term results, not a quick fix that leaves you wondering if your ankle is really healed or not. The fact is that all legitimate physical therapy programs involve using some sort of equipment whether it is therapy bands or something simplistic like a 2 x 4. The wobble board shortens the amount of time it takes for you to do rehab by combing multiple exercises into one. You get The How To Heal Your Sprained Ankle in 7 Days or Less ™ Ankle Rehab Program that me and thousands of others have used to rehab their sprained ankles in 7 days or less.
You get access to the program immediately after your payment is processed so you can get started right away. If… after following the program for an entire 90 Days , you are unhappy with the results you get then I INSIST you ask for your money back.
But I want you to actually use the program and the only way to do that is to buy a wobble board. That means… you essentially get to try out the Ankle Rehab Program for FREE, if you choose.
And if you’re not happy, simply send an e-mail to the address inside the website for a fast, prompt refund. Regardless of whether you get one of the discounts or you pay full price, you’ll get immediate (and unlimited) access to the complete program right on the spot. Get ready to experience fast, effective and aggressive rehab so you can get to your normal routine. Don’t go through another night with ice on your ankle and your foot propped up on a pillow. TestimonialsDISCLAIMER: The results described in our testimonials are what the average person can expect.
I will continue to rehab BOTH my ankles even after I’m symptom free because your program makes them feel so mobile and strong. My husband, daughter, and I were amazed at how well and quickly your system worked after we first took our daughter to a physical therapist and had her sprained ankle evaluated to be sure that she didn’t have any major tears in her ligaments or other tissue before we began the treatment. I was jogging in the woods and a kid (going very fast) ran intro me hitting my left calf and knocking me off the trail where I twisted my ankle to the point I could not walk home. This program is worth every cent, you get well faster, you are strong to ward off future injuries, and you save money on doctors!
I can honestly say that with all of the rehabilitation processes ive done yours really stands out. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, those who warm up with light stretching and walking or jogging before exerting themselves are less likely to tear their muscles.
Well, imagine if you were to cleanse and rejuvenate the inside of your body the SAME way you do the outside? Some people joined the clinic without even having a juicer and now they have come such a long way. If you are the shy type, we will leave you be, and you can contact me privately for any help. Juicing is also a gentle wake-up call for your internal organs and your tiny little cells to come back to life. Mother Nature wants nothing less for you so stop believing the lies and just walk the natural path with green juicing! You will have 21 daily lessons and you wil have fun because this is wild fun and the community will show you that rightA offA the bat!

I will email you frequently toA touch base with you for 21 weeks and to make sure you are staying on course with this new health habit. Here, I show you my fun secrets, top tips and tricks on making green juices, my systems and tools in the kitchen, and we even go shopping together at the Farmer’s Market! You get instant access to our super supportive Juicing Community who can help you hit the ground running with your juicing, and all this at the Introductory price! Forget the money for a minute, what about the time and effort it takes to take care of yourself even when you just get a cold?
I am usually found over at Prolific Living, where all my passions including this one, green juicing, have found a home to share with the world.
The transformations to my body, mind and general happiness: remarkable, so I kept doing it. I will show you just about everything you need to know and make sure you have a grand time in your green juicing journey!
Frequent a local juice bar: Metropolitan areas and most cities have juice bars popping up everywhere. Juice with a friend or family using theirs: Share the fun by doing it with a family or friend who has a juicer.
If you feel this did not work for you for whatever reason, I will refund your money back up to one week after purchase. The one on the left is the inversion sprain and it is the most common (and the easiest to rehab).
Your credit card information is never seen by anyone and is protected by the best security system on the internet. This ankle rehab program is the best way that I’ve found to accelerate the healing of a sprained ankle.
30 minutes from now you can have a personalized action plan in place that will propel you to stronger ankles and possibly eliminate ankle sprains forever.
I run no less than 5 miles a day and do strength training a couple days a week with zero problems.
That’s what juicing really does, and I am here to tell you the REALLY good stuff that nobody talks about.
Do you know that the sicknesses and discomforts are reduced drastically by those who juice regularly.
Five years later, I am still juicing regularly, fasting a few times a year, writing books and doing interviews about green juicing and spending time learning together with our great juicing community here. Juicing has done miracles for me, for every single member in this juicing clinic and you are no different. No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc. After doing your rehab program for less than 2 weeks, my lower leg is considerably stronger and my ankle pain is almost gone. No other type of nutrition, diet, exercise program, or eating style even comes close to the direct and nearly immediate benefits of green juicing. By the time I saw my doctor on tuesday he said he would have put me in a cast for 6 weeks, but what I was doing just might work. With or without surgery, recovery takes at least six weeks, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Thankfully, my husband went online to see what type of fast, effective treatments for ankle sprains was available, and he found your website. The first is a first-degree strain, which affects less than 5 percent of the respective muscle. However, sometimes the broken bones are so out of position that they require surgery for proper healing. We all agreed that it was her best chance to have the opportunity to play in the tourney, so we ordered your information and an ankle rotation board as you recommended to strengthen and retrain the injured muscles to respond properly again.
This type is only mildly painful, does not affect strength or range of motion and usually heals within a few weeks. While most bones take at least six weeks to heal, many ankle fractures take considerably longer to heal when surrounding tendons and ligaments are also affected.
The worst type, a third-degree strain, is a tear along the entire width of a particular muscle, making it impossible to contract it.

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