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Toronto’s PUP have the stateside release of their self-titled debut out today via SideOne Dummy. If someone wants to make your friendly neighborhood record reviewer a happy person, you’ll figure out a way to get this into my hands. Originally due out June 5, Chock Full of Misery — New Bruises‘ first album since their 2006 debut, Transmit!
Still, the emotive punk rockers have a new album out, and you will love it, because you’ve heard their shit on any number of splits the past five years, and a waterfall of new sounds totally beats the drips and drabs of split singles. Based on the track listing, it looks like it has tracks from the Rank Toy release, as well as tracks from I’m Fucking Dead, Complete Shit Vol.
New York’s Human Toilet are a dirty-sounding, slightly scuzzy band, as befits their name.
So, we here at Rock Star Journalist reached out to bassist Rookie Rochelle, who talked with us about the new record (which, by the way, is fucking stellar pop-punk that you Teenage Bottlerocket fans will cream your jeans over).
The band sounds like a ramshackle, broken-down bunch of musicians, living off a cask of some liquor in the basement of a falling-down old castle. Hit up Voodoo Rhythm to get both of the Movie Star Junkies’ full-lengths, and throw them on while you dip into plague-ridden 14th-century Europe and cross its length with a pair of murdering, stealing, drunken, and yet strangely pious brothers.
Such is the case with their new release, a 7-inch from the R’s, a psychedelic pop act from Italy.
It’s a 9 song compilation of all their 7-inch b-sides, plus a compilation track and an unreleased instrumental, on 10-inch black vinyl. An examination of the more tactile facets of the musical realm - namely, vinyl records and books.

Additionally, it contains four unreleased songs, making this the first picture disc I actually want. Their self-titled debut LP is currently rocking my speakers, sounding very much like the trio’s harnessed the energy of early New York proto-punk acts like the Dolls and combined it with the low end pulse of post hardcore acts like the Jesus Lizard and Helmet.
The album recorded direct to analog tape, meaning this is one of the rare DIY punk releases that will actually sound better on vinyl (analog to analog, you see). Their music, which on Melville had a slightly whimsical bent, has only taken a turn to the darker with last year’s sophomore release, A Poison Tree.
Their sound is akin to a funeral dirge, yet the elements of early Black Lips’ flower-power psychedelic garage temper everything with a sense of uncertainty. Their debut album for Nat Geo, De Flora Et Fauna, is due out this fall, but they’re releasing a series of 7-inches in advance of it, the first of which is due out next week. We were lucky enough to be able to ask vocalist George Clarke a few questions via e-mail about Sunbather. The long-dormant group reunited a couple years ago, but this is the first sign of any recordings from them in over a decade. Seriously — I usually hate these things, but this is the sort of record that seems to pop up, sell right the fuck out, and then you spend five years tracking down a copy. There’s a release show for the album in NYC this Friday, and you can get details at the Human Toilet Facebook page. Their debut, Melville, is obviously literary in its inspiration, and the appropriateness of the pairing only grows from there.
Songs talk about death and dying, and what more could one want for a novel that, in its first chapters, features the brothers Grossbart hogtying a man, and then burning his baby daughters alive?

It’s called Nat Geo Music, and (not too surprisingly) deals with a large number of world music artists. Such is the case with the Cute Lepers new b-sides compilation on Rockin Bones out of Italy. There’s no download code and the Lepers are the only place to get this in the States, so choose wisely.
One could argue that the delay was due to some of the fantastic stuff band member Byron Lippincott has been releasing, since he’s one of the folks behind Kiss of Death. This is a necessary bit of hope to maintain, considering the brothers, over the course of Bullington’s novel, repeatedly come to the brink of death or destruction. They share very little — tour dates, release dates, et al are all the sort of things for which you have to dig and dig and dig. Battles with demons, witches, rogues, pirates, the Church, and more, all stand in the way of the two making it to Gyptland, where they hope to make their fortune. There’s plenty of native music out there that goes beyond the usual woodwinds and hand drums one tends to expect under that moniker.

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