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It’s not a typical approach toward patients with depression, mood disorders, learning disabilities or other forms of psychological dysfunction, but Scheinbaum isn’t a typical psychologist.
The Highland Park woman has recently graduated in the Institute for Functional Medicine’s first class of certified functional medicine practitioners.
So what does that mean for the harried businessman suffering from depression or the mother seeking help for her child with attention deficit disorder? She offers the example of  a patient who comes to her suffering from symptoms of depression. According to the Institute for Functional Medicine’s website, conventional medicine as practiced by most physicians is oriented toward acute care, an approach that lacks the methodology and tools needed for preventing and treating complex and chronic conditions.
Scheinbaum says that functional medicine practitioners are not opposed to using conventional approaches, such as medication, if appropriate. Scheinbaum came to functional medicine after spending years using other holistic approaches in her practice, including biofeedback, nutrition counseling and yoga. One of her core beliefs that she passes on to patients – the importance of belonging to a community – she can trace back to her early years growing up in Chicago’s West Rogers Park neighborhood.
The notion of the importance of taking care of yourself, mind and body, is emphasized in the Torah, she says. Today she heads her own practice, Feed Your Mind Wellness, in Highland Park, serves on the medical staff at North Shore University Health Systems and Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital and is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Western States. In fact, she says, her interest in health and the mind-body connection goes even farther back. Even before getting her certification in functional medicine, Scheinbaum says, she was using many of its approaches in her practice. When she received an email inviting her to a conference on functional medicine, “I didn’t know what it was,” she says. Along with the 123 other members of the certification class, she participated in case studies and passed what she says was a rigorous exam. So is functional medicine just a new name for what has traditionally been called integrative or alternative medicine?
If a patient suffering from depression, for instance, went to an alternative practitioner, “rather than giving an antidepressant they may look at (giving) St.
If a patient had high blood pressure, for instance, and was already taking medication for it, “we would institute exercise and (a change in) diet,” she says. Functional medicine, she says, “is based on science and research but it also goes back to some very old traditions of the healthcare practitioner as healer.
Nutrition plays an important role in Scheinbaum’s practice, and she says that changing a patient’s diet often makes an enormous difference.

People with celiac disease, who must be 100 percent gluten free, “are just the tip of the iceberg,” Scheinbaum says. Her advice to everyone, no matter what their medical issues are, is “look at getting your vegetables first. These guidelines, she says, apply as well to ADD and learning disabilities in children, and a team at her practice helps parents understand and initiate needed dietary transformations. To help with that task, her office has teamed up with Sunset Foods, a grocery chain in the northern suburbs, to present a once-a-month cooking class, which she calls a “naked food” series. This is a particular issue for the Jewish community, where every holiday involves food, she says. With his guidance, pastors, including celebrity pastor and author Rick Warren, talked about healthy eating from the pulpit and in support groups formed within the church. Warren, along with several co-authors, wrote a popular book, “The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life,” based on the biblical figure of Daniel, who rejected rich foods and ate primarily vegetables from his garden.
Along with leaders at the Institute for Functional Medicine, Scheinbaum has started a support group in Skokie’s Jewish community that meets once a month and “supports people in their journey to get healthier,” she says. Scheinbaum says that as she works with patients using this new approach, “the reactions have been phenomenal. Even something as simple as putting the patient on an elimination diet – eliminating foods that are potential triggers to the patient’s symptoms – “can make things start to change,” Scheinbaum says. Another encouraging sign, she says, is a growing trend for doctors practicing conventional medicine to cooperate with this new approach. She is beginning to experiment with online programs and phone consultations for patients who aren’t able to come to her office.
Scheinbaum continues to reach out to patients and health professionals to demonstrate the benefits of functional medicine, she says. Translated Oda A La AlcachofaTranslated Oda A La Alcachofa Thisdec 30, 2011alternative spelling of authorization.
Sandra Scheinbaum, a clinical psychologist, she might ask them about their diet, their relationships and how much exercise they get.
She is the first psychologist in the United States to graduate with this certification, according to the institute. But conventional doctors, she says, “have a limited amount of time to be with a patient and they look at symptoms, one system at a time.
One daughter is now an actress in California, the other holds certification in mind-body medicine and is studying to be a social worker. It was partially her determination to improve her own health that first sparked her attention.

The modules ”looked at all areas that contribute to chronic disease, for example poor digestion, immune system dysfunction, difficulty producing energy within our bodies,” she says. Thousands of people signed up to participate in the effort to lose weight and be healthier. She would like to do more and has begun to approach rabbis and other leaders about the possibility of launching such groups within their synagogues. She’s also starting a program that offers certification for health coaches in the functional medicine model. She sees people individually and in groups, but the groups aren’t separated by the patients’ conditions. In functional medicine you spend a lot more time with the patient and listen to that patient’s stories. Functional medicine may incorporate those alternative approaches but it is more a way of thinking – looking under the hood, so to speak, and asking, why does this particular person develop this at this time?
For people experiencing any symptoms, people with mood disturbances, it’s one of the things we look at.
One of the leaders of the Functional Medicine Institute had been asked to start a program at Saddleback Church, a famous megachurch in California. You look at what is going on and tie all the systems together, and you explain to the patient that all these symptoms are not out there in isolation. Andrew Weil, a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, at the Center for Integrative Medicine, and has taught courses at National-Lewis University and elsewhere.
This is not our grandparents’ wheat any more (gluten is a protein found in wheat and other grains).
Maybe you need Omega 3s or maybe you are eating too much fish and getting too much mercury. It has a much higher gluten content” and is particularly apparent in highly processed foods.
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