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A custom functional orthotic is a shoe insert made from a cast of your foot that allows your foot to function in its ideal and balanced position. Functional custom orthotics are made by casting a person's foot with the subtalar joint ( the joint below the ankle that moves the foot in and out) in neutral position and the midtarsal joint ( the large middle of the foot joint that allows the foot to adapt to uneven surfaces when barefoot) is locked.
This cannot be achieved by stepping on a 2 dimensional pressure plate or foam box as done in many retail stores, shoe specialty stores and even some podiatry offices.

This is the position of the foot where all the bones, joints and muscles of the foot are balanced and is ideal for walking and or running on man made surfaces. The lab should make a poured in positive cast from the one taken of the foot, hand balanced and customized according to the prescription of the podiatrist and hand balanced and finished.
Digital technology has allowed some labs to cut corners and produce what in actuality is a prefabricated insert.

If they are wooden, then they were digitized and made from a close approximation to a foot type in the computer library of the lab.

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