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Robert Sholl, MD and Noreen Sholl, MD are functional medicine doctors in Scarborough, Maine. Robert Sholl is a board certified Family Physician who has thirty five years experience in primary care family medicine, including twenty five years of Obstetrics and hospital care. Noreen Sholl is a board certified Family Physician and maintained an active Family Medicine Primary Care Practice at Wellspring for ten years.
We are a functional medicine primary care practice with a dedication to root cause medicine. We take time to get to know you and answer your questions, our standard visits are at least 45 minutes long. Our entire team communicates and works together to offer you the best in conventional and natural healing. We are trained on conventional and functional medicine approaches to help you achieve optimal health.

She is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Medicine (the fifth oldest medical school in the United States) and the St. His residency was completed at the Maine Medical Center Family Practice Residency Program, and until 2011 he was on the staff at Southern Maine Medical Center where he also served as Chief of the Department of Family Practice for several years. Sholl is a graduate of the Food as Medicine course through the The Center for MInd-Body Medicine in Baltimore.
He is a graduate of the Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice course through the Institute for Functional Medicine (an advanced course for Functional Medicine doctors). She then completed a one year rural Family Medicine Fellowship through the Tacoma General Hospital in the state of Washington. She is a graduate of the Food as Medicine course through the Mind Body Institute and the Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice course through the IFM.
Sholl is currently keeping abreast of the latest scientific medical advances with continuing education through the Functional Medicine Certification Program through the IFM.

His additional interest in fitness led to a certification as a Health and Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine in 2008. Noreen Sholl is a certified Therapeutic Life Style Change Therapist using the First Line Therapy Medical Nutrition Program through Metagenics Lab.
His interests include enjoying the outdoors, gardening, spending time with his family, and running.
She is the current leader of the local Ridgeway Homeschool Group and is homeschooling the Sholl’s two youngest children.

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