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Crystal healingDefinitionA crystal is a mineral that is nearly transparent and colorless or has a slight color. BayberryDescriptionBayberry, also known as wax myrtle, waxberry, or candelberry, is both a shrub and a tree. Sneezing may simply be triggered by a small foreign object or substance in the nose, including particles of pepper, smoke, irritating chemical fumes, or gases. Practitioners of crystal healing believe that crystals, particularly quartz crystals such as amethyst or clear quartz, contain energy that enhances healing of both body and mind. It may also be a symptom of a common cold, upper respiratory tract infection, hay fever, or other allergies to pollen, dust, dust mites, mold, dander, grass, or other substances. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of altMD's terms of service and privacy policy and cookie policy and Health Disclaimer. It is found in eastern North America, in marshes and bogs near sandy Atlantic coastal areas, as well as in similar areas along the shores of the Great Lakes. Additional potential causes of sneezing include withdrawal from opiate drugs, inhaling corticosteroids, whooping cough, or anaphylaxis. The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider. The charged crystal can then be used to alter the energy patterns in the person receiving treatment. American bayberry is the variety most often mentioned by herbalists.American bayberry and its British Isles cousin, English bog myrtle, are very alike in appearance, and grows to a similar height.
Some crystal healers also say that arrowheads and other stones can be used to diagnose illness.OriginsAboriginal, shamanistic cultures throughout the world, including Native Americans and the Inuit ofnorthern Canada, have long believed in the healing properties of semiprecious and precious stones. Foliage is evergreen and consists of knife-blade shaped shiny leaves that have small spots on them. Others report sneezing whenever they tweeze their eyebrows.In a January 2000 paper in the journal Neurology, Dr. These views were further developed and widely popularized during the late twentieth century by New Age healers.BenefitsCrystal healing is used to enhance healing of a wide range of physical and mental ailments. When crumpled in one's hand, bayberry leaves and its bark produce a pleasant, balsamic aroma. For example, amethyst is said to be useful against acne, atacamite against venereal diseases, agate against ulcers, and lapis lazuli against stroke symptoms.
Crystals may also be used to counter environmental hazards such as electromagnetic radiation, food additives, and polluted air and water. The small berries are in globular clusters at stem junctions, crusted with a greenish-white waxy substance sprinkled with small black flecks.
In some cases, x rays are also useful.TreatmentHerbs and supplementsEchinacea, Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien (a Chinese over-the-counter formulation), zinc, and vitamin C are all potentially useful against sneezing and other cold symptoms. They are thought by some to minimize the detrimental effects of caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol. The exterior of bayberry root bark is mottled, with smooth reddish-brown cork underneath.General useBoth American bayberry and English bog myrtle, besides sharing a similar appearance, have similar medicinal qualities.
Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) and red clover (Trifolium pratense) may be used for allergies.Homeopathy and acupunctureEither of these disciplines may offer individualized relief. In addition, some practitioners use crystals before and after surgery to minimize trauma.DescriptionAlthough its effectiveness is disputed, crystal healing is generally safe and inexpensive. In North America, several Native American tribes independently discovered the healing properties of hops and used them as a sedative and sleep aid, to relieve toothache, and to improve digestion. By the end of the 1800s, hops were being routinely used in mainstream medicine in the United States as a sedative and digestive tonic.

The best results are said to occur when both the patient and the healer are holding crystals. Powdered bayberry root is useful as a bowel astringent in the treatment of diarrhea and colitis, a soothing and helpful gargle for the common cold or a sore throat, and as a douche in the treatment of leukorrhea, an abnormal white or yellow mucoid discharge from the vagina or cervix.
Although hops were sometimes used as a sleep aid in Europe, until relatively recently their major use in Europe was in the brewing of beer, to which they add a bitter flavor and act as a preservative.Today European herbalists are much more enthusiastic about the healing properties of hops. The healer may hold a stone in one hand while using the other to touch the body part in need of healing. In the Herbal Materia Medica, bayberry root bark is classified as an astringent, a circulatory stimulant, as well as a diaphoretic, a remedy which dilates superficial capillaries and induces perspiration, sometimes used to reduce fevers.The berries of both American bayberry and English bog myrtle, when boiled in water, produce myrtle wax, which is composed of stearic, palmitic, myristic, and oleaic acids. In those cases in which medical intervention is needed, the results are usually favorable, although allergy patients sometimes develop asthma.PreventionWith allergies, the best way to prevent sneezing is to avoid exposure to allergens, the substances that provoke allergic attacks.
Crystals may also be worn as pendants (this is said to be particularly effective in treating thymus gland problems). This is used in making bayberry-scented soaps and bayberry candles, which are fragrant, more brittle than bees' wax candles, and are virtually smokeless.
For centuries pillows filled with hops have been prescribed for people who have difficulty falling asleep. Appropriate stones can be selected, healers say, by simply picking up various crystals and determining which ones seem to harmonize with the frequencies of the patient's body. Some healers work solely with crystals while others combine them with aura or chakra work.PreparationsNumerous techniques are used to prepare crystals before therapeutic use. The water that the berries were boiled in during wax extraction, when boiled down to an extract, has been used in the North Country of England and Scotland for centuries as a treatment for dysentery. Scientists have separated out several components that are sedative in nature, although it is not clear whether hops contain enough of these compounds to actually make a person sleepy. One such technique is clearing, which involves using an invocation to remove negative emotional energy from the stone.
Studies are ongoing, but the German Federal Health Agency's Commission E, established in 1978 to independently review and evaluate scientific literature and case studies pertaining to herb and plant medications, has approved hops for sleep problems, restlessness, and anxiety. Another method is cleansing, which is said to maintain the crystal's existing energy level but converts negative energy to positive.
Hops belongs to the same family of herbs as marijuana, and some people claim it produces a mild, relaxed, euphoric feeling when smoked.
This may be accomplished by immersing the stone for a minimum of 24 hours in dry salt or saline solution. It should be stored in a tightly sealed containers, away from light.A decoction or tea is prepared by adding a teaspoonful of powdered bayberry bark to a cup of cold water and bringing this to a boil. There is no scientific evidence for this claim.The second major use of hops is as an aid to digestion.
Crystals can also be charged, like a battery, by exposing them to running water, magnets, sunlight, moonlight, pyramids, fire, laser light, or living animals, birds, fish, or plants.Some practitioners attempt to charge stones by putting them near a mother who is giving birth, or someone who is dying. It has been used for centuries in both traditional Chinese medicine and Native American healing to stimulate the appetite, ease digestion, and aid in relieving colic.
Crystals have been wrapped in a newborn's placenta, then given to the child seven years later.
It is believed that hops stimulates the secretions of the stomach.The German E Commission has also concluded that hops may act as a digestive aid.
Gem stones that have been near meteorite fragments, earthquakes, volcanoes, or trees struck by lightening are also highly valued for healing properties.Some healers believe that healing crystals can be programmed with human thoughts. It may be taken up to three times a day for a limited period of time, as chronic use at this dosage could damage a person's kidneys and liver. Scientists have isolated another extract from the plant that in the laboratory inhibits spasms in the digestive tract and other smooth muscle.

This may be done by placing a crystal against the forehead, then visualizing a desired outcome.PrecautionsCrystal healing is largely viewed as an enhancement to other therapies. The same preparation can be used as a gargle for sore throat.Tincture of bayberry preparations are also available in some locales. Follow-up studies in people have not yet been done.Chinese healers use hops to treat tuberculosis and as an antibiotic.
Usual dosage is one-half teaspoonful in water.PrecautionsAs noted previously, English bog myrtle has historically been shown as having characteristics capable of inducing abortion. Test-tube studies show that the bitter acids in hops inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and fungi, including the common bacteria Staphylococcis aureus (responsible for staph infections) and Bacillus subtilis; but do not inhibit Escherichia coli, a bacterium that causes digestive upsets.
Its leaves, in nature, also have a poisonous, volatile oil present, which can be removed by boiling. A number of schools in Europe and North America offer courses in crystal therapy, but the field is largely unregulated.
Though no studies were found indicating the same capabilities for American bayberry, because of their many similarities, it should be assumed that neither English bog myrtle nor American bayberry leaves should be ingested in their natural, unprepared state. A 1999 study also showed that some compounds isolated from hops were effective in test-tube studies in reducing the proliferation of certain types of human breast and ovarian cancer cells. As of 2002, hops extract is being studied as a possible cancer chemopreventive.There has been much debate in the healing community about whether hops contain a compound related to or easily converted into estrogen, the main female hormone. Some herbalists believe that the presence of an estrogenic compound accounts for the dampening of male sexual arousal and the control of sexual nervous tensionascribed to fresh hops. Other herbalists disagree, maintaining that those effects are related only to the relaxing or sedative properties of hops.
A Modern Herbal: The Medical, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folklore of Herbs, Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs and Trees With All of Their Modern Scientific Uses.
In 2002, however, a team of British researchers reported on the activity of a phytoestrogen that was recently discovered in the female flowers of hops plants. The compound, known as 8-prenylnaringenin, appears to be stronger than previously identified phytoestrogens.In addition to their uses in healing, hops are used as an ingredient in perfume and occasionally as a tobacco or food flavoring. The Complete Illustrated Herbal: A Safe and Practical Guide to Making and Using Herbal Remedies. Their main food use and commercial value is in beer.PreparationsFresh and dried hops have different properties and are used to treat different symptoms. Fresh or newly dried hops, usually dampened with glycerin to reduce the rustling noise, are used in sleep pillows to help ease a restless or anxious person into sleep. The tea is made by steeping about two teaspoons of fresh hops in one cup (250 ml) of boiling water for five minutes.Dried hops change in composition when exposed to light, heat, or moisture. They should be stored in a container that excludes moisture and light, and should be kept at room temperature. Hops are also used in combination with other herbs in commercially available remedies.PrecautionsHops are not recommended for people suffering from depression. Some herbalists recommend that pregnant women and those with estrogen sensitive breast cancer avoid hops because of the possibility that they contain an estrogenic compound. Some people who pick fresh hops may develop a skin rash (contact dermatitis).InteractionsThere has been little scientific study of the interaction of hops and pharmaceuticals. As noted above, however, people who are depressed or who are taking medications for depression should consult a doctor before using hops.ResourcesBOOKSChevallier, Andrew.

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