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The 12 volt ANSI GBF lamp with a double contact bayonet base is often used in elevators, aircraft lighting and other low volt reflector applications. Welcome To OmaiLighting!Shop the online stores on OMailighting to find reliable led light bulb for unbeatable, cheap prices.

They are safely packed with OmaiLighting Branded boxes and cartons with warranty certifications inside. These LED bulbs provide over 90% energy savings over incandescent equivalents, and significantly reduce lighting related service calls due to burnt out incandescent lamps. In 1991, Higuchi started a specialty lamp line, Hikari Lamps, to complement its business in the medical market. LEDs have very low heat generation, which makes these bulbs the ideal solution for elevator lighting.

In 1993, an Higuchi USA branch was established to cover the sales of their specialty lighting products in the North and South American markets. Today, Higuchi produces standard and custom designed lights to meet specialty industry requirements while also seeking coexistence with nature, positive human relationships, and the latest in lighting product developments.

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