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If you can afford the step up from a 24V to a 36V cordless, then the 36 volt Bosch GBH VF-LI should be on your radar.
Bosch Hyper Charge: recharge your battery packs to 75% after just half of the charge time with no memory effect.
With high quality components and an impact energy of 1.7 Joules, Bosch have given the GBH 18 V-LI more than enough power to tackle tough demanding joinery and building work. The Bosch GBH 36 V-LI provides a staggering 3.0 Joules of impact energy, matching any 36V SDS drill on the market. We’ve recently reviewed the lightweight GBH 36V-LI Compact Professional which weighs a mere 2.9kg. Safety clutch The clutch on this cordless SDS drill forces the chuck to slip if the torque goes beyond a stipulated point, causing the drill to cease rotating.
It’s hardly surprising that the Bosch GBH VF-LI is one of the most desirable cordless SDS drills on the market. Note: the GBH 36 FV-LI has the same body as the GBH 36 V-LI the only difference is that it  includes a quick change chuck for metal and wood. The Bosch GBH 36 VF-LI delivers a staggering 3.0 Joules of impact energy, which competes with any 36V SDS drill out there. Bosch have worked hard at controlling the vibrations generated by its powertools (see their website for further details). As with the two other 36V Bosch SDS drills, the GBH 36 V-LI drill employs the advanced Bosch Li-Ion batteries.
Bosch claim that their Li-Ion batteries will provide 400% increased lifetime and unbeatable battery running time. The clutch on this cordless SDS drill forces the chuck to slip if the torque goes beyond a designated point, causing the drill to cease rotating.
Weighing 3.8kg and measuring 329 mm, the Bosch GBH 24V SDS Plus Drill is as neat and versatile as any in the 24V class.
The Bosch GBH 24V SDS Plus Drill has a safety clutch which is an essential feature for any 24V SDS drill. Please note you will lose your question and answer privileges if your account is in debt for more than 2 weeks.

To prevent your personal details being misused please do not put emails or phone numbers in questions. Combination of insulating concrete forms (ICFs) and spray foam insulation in the attic to complete the building envelope seal. As with their innovative 36 Volt model, the GBH 36 V-LI, Bosch have excelled at producing a really compact cordless SDS drill.
It’s a two mode drill so there’s no rotary stop for chiselling ¬– but to be honest this compact machine is clearly designed for rapid drilling, which it does brilliantly. The GBH 18 V-LI is not designed for chiseling work, it’s more about hopping between drilling jobs putting plenty of holes into tricky places at maximum speed.
Using innovative Bosch Lithium Ion technology the GBH 36 V-LI is faster than a comparable corded drill with up to 40% higher drilling progress than 24V Cordless SDS models, yet still a handy and versatile size and weight. This includes their patented Unique Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) which protects the battery against overloading, overheating and complete discharge. It also has a pneumatic hammer mechanism which gives it the same speed as a 2kg corded drill. This is pretty reasonable for a 36V corded SDS drill of this power and you’ll find that it’s comfortable to work with for repeated drilling sessions throughout a working day.
This includes their trademarked Unique Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) which protects the battery from overloading, overheating and total discharge. Bosch Hyper Charge ensures the batteries are charged to 75% after just half of the charge time. The result is that you can pick up a bargain 24V cordless Bosch and get a very hard working drill with an excellent battery performance which recharges in 30 minutes – the quickest recharging time out of all the 24V SDS drills we’ve reviewed. That said, it is still capable of drilling 120 holes in concrete (6x40mm) on one charge – so if that’s enough power for you, the low price tag may prove attractive.
The clutch forces the chuck to slip if the torque goes beyond a designated level, causing the drill to stop rotating. The Bosch UNEO is not recommended for more heavy duty usage but ideal for whipping out of your toolbag for those routine drilling tasks.
The Bosch GBH 2-18 230V SDS Plus Drill is a highly popular model with both the trade and DIY enthusiasts.

You may need to enable JavaScript in your browser's settings or turn off your ad blocker to get the most out of this page. 18V drills are all about being lightweight, allowing you to move quickly between jobs and Bosch have met this need perfectly. This is about average for 36V corded SDS drills which means that it’s light enough to work with for sustained periods.
A frightening 3.0 joules of impact energy, state of the art lithium batteries and 3 modes including roto stop for chiseling.
With this amount of power it can drill 195 holes (6 ? 40mm) into concrete on a single charge of the battery. For even the heaviest users this should deliver sufficient turn-around between battery charges allowing you to work consistently.
For this reason, we offer free warranty extensions from 1 to 3 years on Professional Tools and Professional Measuring Tools, and from 1 to 2 years on Professional Lithium Ion batteries and chargers.
And with the new generation of Lithium-Ion batteries you can work for longer without interruption. It adapts to chiseling mode easily and delivers 3.0 joules for both drilling and chiseling. It’s faster than a comparable 2kg Bosch corded drill, whilst being very manageable weight-wise. However if the drill’s weight is an important factor, you may wish to opt for the 36V Bosch Compact Professional.
The battery is also compatible with other 24 volt cordless tools from Bosch – one reason to choose Bosch if you have other tools from this brand. These extended warranty products must be registered with Bosch within 12 months of the date of purchase. With fast charging Li-Ion batteries and a quick change chuck that allows you swiftly switch to wood or metal drilling, you won’t need to carry another drill in your toolbag.

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