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Includes: Grand Colonial Dining Fire Pit Table, Granite Top, Granite Lazy Susan Fire Pit Cover, and a Limited 1-Year Warranty.
The Outdoor Greatroom Grand Colonial Dining Fire Pit Table makes a beautiful statement with its stunning granite top. The Grand Canyon has always made me curious about why anyone would want to go see a great big hole in the ground.  In fact, my friend Sandy went on vacation to the Grand Canyon with her husband Joe and kids and when we asked her how awesome it was she said “It’s a big hole in the ground”.
She sounded completely unimpressed, I wasn’t sure if she was lying because she had found some great paradise in the desert she didn’t want to share with anyone or if she really had just experienced one of the big vacation let downs of a lifetime. Waka Liva took us to the SkyWalk where Morgan and I spent about 20 minutes walking around the bridge, taking in the magnificent views of the Grand Canyon and the engineering miracle we were walking on. The 2nd type of visitor first walks on the glass directly on top of the steel beams and after a little while, once they realize they are not actually going to plummet to their deaths, they cautiously, for a short time, walk on the clear glass, jumping back to the safety of the steel beams occasionally for good measure. The last type of visitor is the kind who takes in the total experience and walks down the center of the glass and experience what the SkyWalk was engineered to offer.  Most of the visitors were of the first 2 types, a few were of the last.

We walked from one end of the SkyWalk to the other, over and over again, looking down into the canyon for birds and other critters.  It was over 100 hundred degrees out but the excitement of being on the SkyWalk made the temperature a minor annoyance. Waka Liva took a piece of wood out of his pocket and a couple of Sharpee pens and asked Morgan if he could draw something for her.  Drawing on this small cross section of pine he told us of the history of his people, how they long ago learned to survive off of the land. It had been 4 hours from the time we arrived until the time we left and it was over in the blink of an eye.  As we drove back to the freeway I kept thinking back to the 3 SkyWalk visitor types and how those types of visitors correlated with peoples’ faith walk.
In life there are always those who say they have faith but they never get off the steel beams, they never quite arrive at a 100% faith belief, they are always fearful a promise made not being a promise kept. Then there are those who walk out onto the steel beams and test out faith, as they test it they gain more resolve and ultimately step out on faith, but it takes very little to scare them back to where they started, never quite fully trusting in their faith. Heather and I were both fascinated by the Grand Canon, when we stopped there on our road trip last year, but we skipped the Sky Walk. My daring, daughter of faith is afraid of heights and didn’t and didn’t want to venture out on it!!

Within the fiberglass base is a concealed access door providing you easy access to the propane fuel tank.
When the weather or occasion doesn't permit the use of the fire pit, simply install the included matching granite Lazy Susan burner cover. The Grand Colonial Dining Fire Pit Table is all you'll need to top off your perfect outdoor entertainment space.

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