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Is it possible to pass genital herpes virus through breastfeeding from a mother who is Herpes infected and her newborn child who is not infected right now.
Okay, I am tired of people not giving me a straight forward answer with details to back it up.
If you get cold sores, do you tell partners that you could give then genital herpes if you give them oral sex? If not, do you think that someone who has genital herpes should inform partners before having sex with them? I was wondering if you can contract genital herpes from oral sex by someone with a cold sore? Throat herpes, also known as oral herpes, is an infection caused by a virus and most commonly identified by cold sores on the lips. Throat herpes and genital herpes are both caused by two viruses: herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2.

Symptoms of Throat Herpes; Signs of HPV in the Throat; What are the Symptoms of an Oral STD? Herpes Simplex 2 is considered a sexually transmitted disease and affects the genitalia of both men and women.
My question is, since I already have this virus in my body, as entered genitally, can I get the same virus on my mouth through kissing her?
I know they are both viral infections but chicken pox are also caused by a virus and that can be cured. Is it true, that if you have herpes (oral) and have oral sex with a partner they will get genital herpes? Either virus can cause throat or genital herpes, but oral herpes is more commonly caused by the HSV-1 virus. Sores can appear on the roof or base of the mouth, as well as the lips, back of throat and cheeks.

Once a person is infected, oral herpes can reoccur---often up to four times per year, although cases after the first outbreak are normally less severe. Symptoms such as mouth sores, fever blisters and fever can reoccur up to four times per year. Prescription drugs acyclovir, valtrex and famciclovir can ease symptoms in more severe cases. While the virus cannot be cured, more severe cases can warrant treatments including medication.

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